After 5 Years, Court Finds Jim Iyke Guilty Orders Him To Pay Hajiya Habiba N15.7m

There seems to be an update on case between Jim Iyke and Nigerian socialite, Hajiya Habiba who reportedly accused the Nigerian actor of allegedly defrauding her of over N15 million.
According to online reports, after allegedly dodging the court for 5 years, Jim Iyke has been found guilty N15.7 million fraud and has been ordered to repay the money to Habiba.
Here is the judgement delivered by a sitting court in Abuja on October 19th; Let me take you back and refresh your memories on this story/case.
In an interview with NigerianFilms on how she met Jim Iyke and what really happened, Habiba had this to say;
HABIBA: You see I don’t know any Jim Iyke before I met him in farmers market with two of his friends Victor and Solomon.
They asked for my number which I didn’t know off head, as I just returned from UK and got the sim card. So I said I don’t know my number before anything Jim grab my hand set from my hand and dallied his number from mine, that was the beginning of the night mare.
Before you know it he in a month he has bombarded me with his family members mom,dad,sisters, his girlfriend then Ketura Hamilton and told me she was pregnant for him but they lost the baby in July 2011.

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