Daddy Freeze Exposed Bobrisky For Wearing A Fake Rolex Wrist Watch

Rich Nigerian Barbie, Bobrisky has took to his Snapchat timeline yesterday to brag about owning a multi-million naira rolex wrist watch. The Cross-Dresser who is currently at the United State for a Meet and Greet tour with his fans has early showed off his rolex watch on snap chat claiming he brought it for millions of naira

Apparently, we all know Daddy Freeze is a lover of luxury wrist-watches, and he buys a lot of them with thousand of dollars.. So, he of course saw everything wrong with Bobrisky’s watch and he outed him on Instagram.
Daddy Freeze wrote;
“I respect Bob a lot as I can see how far he has come and how well he has done for himself.
However, as a good friend of the brand and from the point of view of a customer, I can categorically inform you that this is not a #Rolex ~FRZ”

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