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The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko made an order to block Russian websites that are at the TOP-10 of most popular in Ukraine. Along with the services of Yandex and Group, the most popular social networks Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki have been blocked in Ukraine. In addition, such antiviruses as Kaspersky Lab and Doctor Web fell under the sanctions as well. All this was done solely because of the political instabilities between the countries.
An unprecedented decision has caused a wave of comments among the Ukrainian users. Many of them dont agree with the consequences of the decision. These sites helped Ukrainians communicate, exchange music and video, work and much more.
How Ukrainians live without social networks
The news, that the president of Ukraine banned Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki, became sensational. As it was expected, the majority of Ukrainian users didnt like the initiative of their leader.
The number of Ukrainian users of Vkontakte is about 12-14 million people and 9-8 million use Odnoklassniki. For comparison, only about 7 million people use Facebook. Also, sanctions affect Yandex and the daily audience of that is about 4-7 million people.
It is still difficult to guess how the life of these people will change in the future. Even IT specialists find it difficult to predict how the most popular service Yandex.Maps will work in Ukraine. Some people say that it will work, but will not receive updates; others argue that the maps will simply cease to open.
Anyway, it is difficult to call the reaction of Ukrainian users of the blocked social networks unambiguous. Some of them seem shocked by such unexpected news. Others write on Facebook that this decision had to be made three years ago.
What Ukrainians can use now
We have to mention about Facebook. The American site has a number of advantages. Firstly, there is a set of five smiles that express different emotions in addition to the usual smiles. Secondly, the ability to sort the news line (users can choose what posts to show at first new or the most popular). Thirdly, people can log in by FB account on most sites just one click and you dont need to write a lot of information that is usually needed for registration.
There may be asked a completely logical question: considering all these advantages, why every third Ukrainian is registered at Vkontakte and only one out of every five at Facebook. First of all, it is due to the huge content on the Russian networks, and therefore the ability to download and listen to any music and watch movies. Vkontakte was constantly accused of copyright infringement. The network had to delete terabytes of music and movies because of that. There is an opportunity to listen to music on Facebook too, but only through some other resources.
There are about 20 Ukrainian social networks, including amur dating. However, many social networks have a meager design and functionality. But there are also those that have the basic functions: good design, convenient messenger, many users, the ability to upload photos and videos, and Vkontakte can be easily replaced by them. It should take some time for Ukrainians to get used to the idea of the absence of their favorite networks.
To get over or to find a way out
A quite actual question arose among the army of users: how to live with this and most importantly how to find a way out? Some sites, that became banned, immediately sent instructions to Ukrainian people on how they could continue using them.
As it turned out, they can still use their favorite networks using different VPN programs for example. Statistics of Google showed that it was the most popular query among Ukrainians last week.

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