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Ifemosu Micheal
Ifemosu Micheal
According to Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary, 7th Edition, it defines Dreams as a series of images that happens in your mind while you are asleep, it can also be likened to a wish we are willing to have or desire to do something.

However, my perception about dream is a State of mind in which things do not seem real or part of Normal life and You believe in yourself you can make it come Through.

A life void of Dreams is a futile life, a life that will exist as a nobody and void of impact.

Dreams of Man are meant to be pursued, a dreaming mind is a Great Mind, a mind that has the full capacity to do the unexpected and achieve unprecedented strides in Life.

Having read books, biography and excerpts of great and historic men and Women, I am more than enough convinced that each and everyone of them were dreamers of what they were wether through circumstances, luck or any means, the sum total is they once dreamt of who they wanted to be and they pursued it till they got it achieved.

Dreaming is not all about Sleeping and having illusions, scenes and videos shoots of happenings, it is all about having the conceptualization of how far you believe in yourself to go far in life and how you can actualize it.

Your vision and Dreams, the Pictures you see with your inner eye must change because Provision connotes Vision.

Where is the big business that was not once a Dream in someone's mind? Where is the wealthy Nation whose wealth was not once a definite Dream in someone's mind? That is why people are poor when there are no dreams and visions.

What is the size of your dream? What can you see with your inner eye? What do you see concerning your Future, marriage, family, your career, business and the people around you?

If you do not have the time to Dream, then you do not have the time to prepare for your Future, the Dreams of today are the realities of tomorrow.

Your Success in life is measured up with your Human Leadership formula which is GET UP, SHOW UP, HUMAN UP, MENTOR UP and MOVE UP.

Your dreams becomes a success and Achievable when you stop negotiating the Cost, Dreams are based on three Important things which are, 1. What Do Your Dream Want? 2. What Does Your Dream Cost? 3. Pay The dues for the actualization of your dreams.

You must be willing to do the unreasonable, if you desire to achieve the unreasonable, you have to think exclusively outside the box, for the dreaming mind there are no dead ends in Life, only the dead ends thinking, dreamers are people who GROW through Life and not GO through Life, instead of creating a life of regrets by avoiding Your Dreams why not create a Life of Dreams by avoiding Your regrets, why not Dream Big?.

When you give up on your dreams and quit, you have no right to judge those who didn't quit and eventually ended passing you by, when we were little we all desire to live well, now that we are all growing up, our wish and dreams should be a desire to die well, these are Dreams, How will people remember You?.

A person Dream is Big based on how people discourage him or her not to pursue it, when all seems lost Your Dreams remains, Never give up hope on your Dreams regardless of how bad your current reality is.

The longer I live, the more I am convinced that success and achievements in life goes to those who dream't  for it, When You Get Little money Buy Books that will help your Dreams grow, attend Programmes that will grow your Dream, and if any is left out buy food and clothes , you have to feed your Dreams before feeding your Body.

A non-hungry person cannot feed on chocolates likewise a Non-Dreaming life can not be successful, in the fight for the actualization of your dream, you will find hundreds of reasons to give up, but you need to find one reason to hang in there to win and make your Dream come through.

It is imperative that we fuel our Dreams in life than fueling the Drama in Life, everything God created are based on purpose which are Dreams of any Individual, as Human Beings we are Human Becomings.

The realization of any Dream is Planning, in 1948, a survey was carried out on all the students in Hill University in the United States of America, they found out that only 3% of them had clear ideas of how they want to go in life and had taken measures to actualize them, 10% had vague ideas of how they wanted to become but it wasn't clearly stated, other 87% were assuming things will be okay after graduating from school, 25years later 1973, they contacted all of them and without fail they had all broken into those segments, the 3% had accomplished 50-100% more than the 10% who had there Dreams but didn't write them down, the remaining 87% drift through life.

There is a need to know the A,B,C of Dreams;
A. Your Dreams must be ACHIEVABLE, that is it must be realistic.
B. Your Dreams must be BELIEVABLE, don't have Dreams that are so low that they don't even move you, rather conceive Dreams that will make Your blood run through your veins, dreams that will charge you, Don't conceive Dreams so large that it will scare You and discourage You.
C. Your Dreams must be CONCRETE, that is it must be a solid Dream.

Steps in Actualising ones Dream.

1. Set a Definite Dream, Nothing becomes Dynamic until it is Specific.
2. Set and Decide on a Deadline for Your Dream.
3. Develop a Plan to achieve the Dream.
4. Determine what you will give in exchange for your Dreams, You won't get Something for Nothing, Life responds to Value and not Status, What you get depends on what you Give out, it is the law of sowing and reaping, if you get Something for Nothing you are a Beggar.

Finally it is sacrosanct and imperative to note that every human Plan A fails as much as a mediocre, the difference is a Human Leader Plan B,C,D e.t.c until the Dreams and Goals are achieved, Life celebrates Success knowing fully well Failure is an Orphan but Success has Many Parents, if it is to Happen, it is up to us.

Ifemosu Michael Adewale is a Writer, Human Right Activist, Public Speaker, Founder and Convener Youth In Good Governance Initiative YIGGI.

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