The Success Probability

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Getting real
The success probability
While I was away I discovered something new. 
Do you know that the probability that man would succeed is 1. How? Because it is uncertain. Ok let's take a look at this mathematical theory 
Where P is probability, S is success and F is failure.
Now the meaning as it relates to reality. The probability of been a success or a failure is 1 because it's uncertain if it were to be certain d rule would have said 0. That's for the first rule,The effort and inputs you put to been a success matters as the outcome would be subtracted from the tendency that you would fail. Also the effort and the decisions you make determines your failure and that is for the first and second theory.
The conclusion of the matter is you are the soul architect of your success and failure.
# d probability DAT u would succeed/ fail can be 1or0 dis is determined by your effort. So wat effort are you putting into life. Success/ failure.

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