SON Discover Twin Four-storey Buildings Filled with Expired Products, Nabs Supplier of Expired Cosmetics

The Standard Organisation of Nigeria, SON reveals that a cosmetics supplier who harms the populace by postdating the expiry date of products to sell to unsuspecting consumers.
Joseph Udeh, an importer and the owner of Jouf Nigeria Limited, Kirikiri Road, Apapa, Lagos owns two four-storey buildings which he’s converted to a warehouse for his goods consisting of assorted wines, cosmetic facial wipes, Sure deodorant and a number of other deodorants, creams, oils and lotions, sanitary pads, Pampers and Huggies baby diapers, detergents like Ariel, Sunlight and more.
Most of the products found stored in the building dated as far back as 2004, but rather than destroy them, Joseph and his employees change the expiry date on the products to a later date and supply them to his customers.
The culprit is the owner of several shops in Balogun market, Trade Fair Complex and a major supplier to retailers within Trade Fair and across Nigeria.
When quizzed by SON, Joseph claimed that he had invited NAFDAC a number of times to come and destroy the products but the agency never shows up in time and when they do, they only destroy a few and leave the rest.
However, NAFDAC denied his claims, wondering why he had to change the dates on the products if indeed he was waiting for them to get destroyed.
Mr. Bede Obayi, the Head, Inspectorate and Compliance SON, speaking on behalf of Mr. Osita Aboloma, the Director-General, SON, said that the culprit will face the full wrath of the law.
He promised that further investigations will be carried out and the expired goods already in the market will be recalled from the retailers at the expense of Mr. Joseph Udeh.
He lamented the effect the expired products would have on consumers, especially babies for whom a number of the products were made.

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