Pregnant Lady Who Has Had Several Abortions For Her Boss Needs Your Advice

A lady (named withheld) who has had several abortions for her boss  just because he gave her a promotion at work, says she is currently pregnant again with his child and is afraid to have another abortion.

She wrote in to relationship blog BOM to seek readers’ advice. What do you think she should do in this case?
Read what she sent out below
I am pregnant for my boss in the office and it is killing me slowly. I have been aborting and aborting but this time am scared for my life. This man gave me common promotion and since then he has been abusing me. He sxx me everywhere in the office ,use me any how he likes and he never gives me money . If I ask for money,he will say I should wait for salary. This man has never had sxx with me in a hotel or a decent place,only in hopeless places ,his car,office rest rooms,back yard,odd places . After sxx he will ask me to go clean myself up. He refuse me to keep a boyfriend. Please I need advise,should I keep this baby or take my chances and take it off.

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