Imo Based Entrepreneur Blessed Family Who Are Suffering From Starvation With Food Items | Photos


As the country continues to experience an economic recession, it seems some people are having it rougher than others.
A family facing hunger and starvation was recently blessed by a kind-hearted Nigerian man who stumbled upon them while passing through the village where they live.
An Imo state based entrepreneur identified as Mr Collinx Ononiju, took to his Facebook page to share a post about how he helped out a family in need.

According to him, he had seen two starving children, and ended up buying foodstuff for them, while promising to continue visiting them and taking care of their upkeep.
"On my way driving across a village, I saw two children suffering from malnutrition. They don't seem to have eaten for months and after much inquiry, my friend and I learnt about the chronic poverty in that house. We can not stop weeping having seen their condition and From the look of things, those children might give up in few days from now.

Mr Collinx gives some cash to the woman to take care of her children
Anyway we quickly went to market and bought some food items for them. Gave their mother some cash and also gave her more for medical treatment because they need urgent medical attention.
This is a challenge to most wealthy men and women out there, please let's develop the spirit of helping one another especially those in need. We will continue to visit this home until they are fully restored.

I hereby call for brethren out there to join us in prayers to save the lives of these helpless children, and as you do Almighty God will bless you in Jesus Name." (Amen)

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