Horrifying Thing Security Guards Discovered at Night Inside a Mortuary (Video)

Many viewers have been left thoroughly creeped out after chilling footage emerged showing a heavy metal door being slammed repeatedly in a morgue of its own accord.
According to Daily Star UK, the incident occurred in Brazil.
It begins showing two brave men approaching the distant sound of banging, armed only with a dim torch as they creep down a spooky-looking corridor.
Strip lights illuminating the hallway flicker on and off as the spine-chilling sight of a door being smashed into the wall becomes clear.
Disturbingly, there appears to be no explanation for the crashing as the bold pair get closer and closer to the door.
Just before they reach the site, they are plunged into complete darkness – but the lights are quickly restored and they are able to inspect the heavy metal disturbance.
However, after a short walk around the area they can find no reason for the spooky interference, leaving viewers to make up their own minds.
“The fact the lights flicker as it slams and goes out when it stops is way creepier, but it almost makes it seem staged,” wrote one user.
Another said: “Can no one enjoy anything anymore?

“I was really entertained knowing in the back of my mind it was most likely fake but freaking cool at the same time.”
Another person, writing on social media site Reddit, also claimed the clip had not been shot in a morgue.
“The video was made by two caretakers who take care of a Center for Comprehensive Care for Children and Adolescents (CAIC) located on Saracura Street, Capela Velha neighbourhood, in Araucária, Brazil,” the comment read.

Watch video below

Source: Daily Star UK

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