ALERT: Beware Of Fake Customs Recruitment, Its A Scam — Victim Explains

According to a Nairalander who shared the document photos on the popular platform, Nairaland. The pic was caption

Hey people.
I got a call from a FRIEND who was asking me if I was happy with my present job and if I would be interested in joining the Nigerian Customs Service. He said he had information that they were recruiting UNDERGROUND and he has the contact for one of the people involved in the recruitment. I smelt the scam from a mile away but I just decided to play along.

So i got the number, contacted the INSIDER, we got talking and he asked me questions and questions then he asked for my email for him to send me the application form. I sent him my email and he sent the form for me to print, fill, scan and send the completed form. I did all this with rubbish info on the form and a passport photo i saw online, then I sent it to the FAKE CUSTOMS EMAIL ( ). This was done about 2 weeks ago.

This Morning. I got an email telling me I HAVE GOT THE CUSTOMS JOB and I should come to the headquarters in Abuja. WOW. 
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But........ I need to pay for this and that which would be used in my CUSTOMS TRAINING and I have to make the payment before coming to their headquarters. I am so excited about this NEW JOB .... Na so.

Fellow NL people. please DONT FALL FOR THIS SCAM. Please spread the news till it reaches your loved ones and their friends.

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