9 Year Old Little Girl Seriously Brutalized By Her Father | Photos

According to a facebook user, Aderemi Goncalves who shared the story, A young girl was allegedly beaten seriously by her father (pictured beside) in Mile 12 area of Lagos state. The story was caption;

"Good Evening to you all .Today am suppose to go to early morning services for every first day in new month.on my way passing this little girl, 9years, named Seyi was passing in my area Mile12 when one guy called her back and said who beat u like this. & Me was suppose to take my kids to school after services both me and kids waka to her father house and other people passing everyone come follow join.i con dey do like say i b commissioner wife(haaa) sayin what rubbish is this.This is Child Abuse that my office will hear about it even internet will go carry am&paper.For my mind the office na DPA for life.so please let my oga Emeka do something Although i call the Ketu divisional police so they are there now at the Human right Department but u know how naija is i dont know how d case will b now cos have left there.please the girl father is wicked he beat her all over her body i could not snap all.even reach her private. Help please. she as no mother again cause she died at 8days when she gave birth the girl"

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