I Am God, Jesus Christ Is No Longer Coming Because I Am Already Here – Pastor Claims

A Zimbabwean man, Given Dube, has caused uproar after he claimed to be God and said there is nothing like the second coming of Jesus Christ because he is here.

The 27-year-old who is the founder of Umuzi ka Nkulunkulu church in Pumula South, told his followers to call him God because the Holy Spirit descended on him and declared him God.

Dube told his congregants that he is the God who created heaven and earth and has power over all creation.

Read what he said below:

“I am being used by a spirit which I cannot even see. I only saw it in a vision once when it first appeared to me in 2008 when I was in Chipinge for National Youth Service training.”

“Since then, God spirit speaks to me and I hear his voice and that spirit uses me. For people to believe me, I write everything down and that is the holy book referred to as Uluju Lwezulu.”

“I am God and do not need anyone to explain my words. I have written this book and it guides people in their daily lives.”

“When Jesus came to earth, not all people listened to him and he was even killed. Now I have come, some have listened and I will guide them.”

“They believe the lies they are being told that Jesus is coming back again. I can tell you that he is not coming back again as the religious leaders use that to instill fear in people.”

“I am God and I plan. I just command and it happens. You also have to understand that I don’t expect everyone to see me as their God, but they first have to accept the word and understand, so only church members recognize me as their God.”

“I command, I can stop diseases and wars in the world or even command them to happen. This is a different belief from Christians who are still waiting for the coming of Jesus; I am already here.”

Men of God in Zimbabwe have petitioned the government to stop Dube from spreading his believes but Dube keeps growing in influence.

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