How Criminals In Rivers State Celebrates The Death Of The State Commissioner

After the report blown out on the death of Rivers State Commissioner of Police, Francis Bolaji Odesanya, who died in India after a battle with kidney problems
However, criminal gangs in Rivers State have been celebrating his death as they went on a robbing rampage.

A victim of the attack, took to her Facebook page to narrate her experience.
The victim who revealed that a gang of five heavily armed robbers stormed their street in the dead of night an carried out a flat to flat raid wrote;
“It was as if they were celebrating the death of the Commissioner of Police because of the brazen manner they stormed our area.
As they were robbing, they were making fun of the late CP saying things like:
‘Why the mumu man no stay dey give us wahala?’
‘Oya, make una go call CP make him come arrest us nah? Shebi him don die, him shakara never end?’
They went from flat to flat and robbed for over two hours before they left and all the calls residents made to the police did not yield any result as they refused to come.

We also heard that there were robbery attacks in many parts of the state throughout the night by different gangs,”

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