Governor Fayose Enjoys Amala At Abuja Restaurant

Ayodele Fayose, governor of Ekiti state, who is known to be streetwise, on Tuesday strolled into a restaurant in the federal capital territory (FCT) to enjoy amala and ewedu, a local delicacy.

Not minding the presence of people at the restaurant, the governor sat comfortably and focused on the two bowls in front of him.

He even posed for photographs, which Lere Olayinka, his spokesman, released on social media.

“Just like you and I, Governor Fayose doing justice to AMALA with gbegiri, ewedu and ogufe (goat meat) at the popular Iya Oyo Amala Joint, Wuye, Abuja today,” Olayinka wrote.

“No retinue of security men, just the governor and a few of his friends taking care of their stomach.

“Say what you like, na you know.”

Despite criticisms that have trailed the lifestyle, which is very unpopular among the political class, Fayose has vowed to continue to identify with the masses.

During his last birthday, he shared cakes on the street of Ado-Ekiti, his state capital. He has also rode on commercial motorcycles, and walked freely on streets.

Speaking after taking oath of office in 2014, Fayose said though the opposition wanted him to look like the governor of their imagination, he was a governor of the people’s imagination.

“I am the governor of your imagination, the governor that eats boli with you, the governor that drinks agbo jedi with you, the governor that knows that the resources of this state belong to you,” he had said.

“When I come to buy boli tomorrow, I will drop something. I will look after you. They are too clean in their own eyes to go to agbo jedi (a local drink) sector and that is why you voted them out.”

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