Exclusive: Osinbajo And The Need To Be More Careful Than Ever Now

President Muhammadu Buhari left Nigeria for the UK supposedly for a short medical break, but the break is beginning to turn from short to long as different news emanate from the presidency on regular basis trying to justify the president’s continued stay in the UK.

Today it is “so so and so” visited Buhari in London with pictures circulated on social media, while tomorrow, it is either a member of his family or someone from the presidency claiming he spoke with the president on phone or got a message from him, while other Nigerians are totally shut-out from the President.

While the president is still being expected in the country, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo is acting as the president for now, and he is receiving commendations for some of his actions, even though we all know his powers are still limited.

For example, when he stormed the Murtala Muhammed International airport in Lagos just last week, Nigerians praised the move and applauded him as President Buhari has never made such move since he became president.

Another example is the gradual fall in dollar rate to the Nigerian Naira which before now was the reverse.

Nigerians are beginning to see the acting president as someone that would perform better than the President himself and are beginning to have many thoughts running through their minds.

However, a very reliable source in the villa, who pleaded anonymity confirmed to Olika Reporters International that some cabinet members in the presidency, the cabal that has held on to Buhari’s government since it came on board, some of his family members and kinsmen are not happy and comfortable with the commendations the acting president is getting from Nigerians.

No wonder, some days ago, the presidency released a statement that those praising the acting president are mischief makers that want to cause confusion in Buhari’s government, praying for the demise of the president and instigating some persons that would possibly become the vice president, in the event of any eventuality. The presidency in its statement referred to them as those that want to reap where they did not sow.

The acting president at this point in time must be very careful, considering the fact that the cabal that has held on to Buhari’s government is one that wants to continue holding on to power for as long as possible, as it is very obvious from different reports so far that they are very strong and powerful.

Source: Olikareporters

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