Buhari Too Old To Rule Nigeria – Archbishop Chukwuma

Archbishop of Enugu Ecclesiastical Province of the Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion, Emmanuel Chukwuma, has said President Muhammadu Buhari, is not capable to rule the country due to his age.

Chukwuma suggested that anyone above 60 years of age should not be allowed to rule the country.

Buhari, who was due to return to the country and resume work on Monday, extended his vacation in the UK over health related issue.

The Archbishop while fielding questions from newsmen on the cancelled return of the president, lamented that the nation is now in a comatose.

He said, “The present government came with the view to change things, but we are now facing challenges. The president started with enthusiasm but people are now disappointed. They have to agree that they have failed.

“I don’t pray that he should die. God should spare his life. Let him come back to continue from where he stopped.”

The cleric lamented that a government that is waging war on corruption is not living up to expectations, adding that corruption is even at its height now since the people in government go abroad for medical treatment instead of strengthening the nation’s hospitals to perform optimally.

He added, “The people in government should not go for treatment abroad. It is a waste of resources and it is corruption.”

He noted that Buhari is too old to pilot the affairs of the nation and suggested that men above 60 years of age should not be allowed to be president. “Anybody over 60 should not be president.

”Buhari is too old and cannot carry on with the responsibility to lead. Let him come back and resign,’’ he said.

Source: Nigerianeye

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