5 Years After Humble TJ Poem By Lasisi Babatunde

5 Years After Humble TJ Poem By Leo Sen Lasisi Babatunde  p.k.a Tunaldo

Where are the smiles of the great warrior?
The light skin and the tiny stand contradicting the mighty soul
The soft feet leading the rough wave
The kind hands offering poison to the deads
Then where are the deads?
Your days are far gone
Deep to the silent world of time
So deep with the burden of circumstance
Moving the train of nemesis and plight
And hope of freedom all at the core of struggle

Tears are no more
But fears has been taken away with the tears
Thought are no more stands
But stands moves the thoughts
Even at the edge of no reasoning

Your rest has brought us tears
Your tears has brought us fears
And your fears has given us heart
The heart that will achieve your wants
Sleep unto the hand of thy lord
And yee smile while seeing your friends weeping in comfort
For all voices shall speak and all hands shall achieve
Thousands of years, you shall remain in our heart

Continue resting in peace com. Fashina Olatunji p.k.a Humble T.J

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