5 Dead, 13 Hospitalized After Pastor Gave Church Members Anointed Rat Poison to Drink

Did you remember the south Africa pastor who gave his church member a so-called anointed rat poison to drink? Report has it that five out of the who drink the poison has been dead while others has been hospitalized.

The pastor tried to prove to his members that they were sub-human and couldn't die from drinking the lethal dose of rat poison that he had 'anointed', well, he was proven wrong with the death of 5 of his members

After his members drank the poisonous liquid, all of them started to complain of stomach pains by the evening of the same day.
13 of them were admitted in hospitals for treatment while 5 of them died.

Monyeki has denied responsibility of the death of the 5 members.

Police have now been involved in the case and they are investigating the matter.

So far, nobody has been arrested.

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