18 Year Old Mother Revealed Why She Dumped Her 4 Month Old Baby Under Oshodi Bridge In Lagos

The report broke out on the internet yesterday after an 18 year old mother dump her 4 month old baby under oshodi bridge in Lagos. The ogun indigene, Timilehin Adeshina, was arrested after her unusual act for dumping a sinless baby under a busy bridge like Oshodi

Timilehin whose father died 9 years ago, dropped out of school in JSS II, due to poverty. She explained why she dumped the baby by saying:

“My mother sent me out because I could not identify the man who impregnated me. I had sex with different men,”.

She added that despite the fact that she was homeless and lived on the streets, different men still pay to have sex with her.

She has since been transferred to the Social Welfare Department of the Lagos State Ministry of Youths and Social Development.

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