Happy 46th Coronation Anniversary of The Alaafin of Oyo

By Adejare Ibrahim

Your Imperial Majesty, having spent forty-six years on the ancestral throne of your forefathers, we give all glory to God.

Kabiyesi, within forty-six years of your reign, you have preserved the reverence of the Empire. You have brought inestimable transformation to the kingdom. You have kept and maintained the pristine culture and tradition of the Yoruba race. 

Yorubaland and the Yorubas are proud of the glamour and glitz you have added to the rich ancestral heritage of the race.

Iku Baba Yeye, as one of Africa's most paramount rulers, the pivotal role you have played in guarding jealously the rich African culture is iconic and legendary.

As the Alaafin of Oyo, you have displayed uncommon stamina and rare courage in shouldering the huge responsibilities attached to your office. You have salvaged, in the time of need, your people from external aggression and unsolicited influences.

Alase Ikeji Orisa, you have braced through the storm and shown yourself as the real custodian of the cherished Yoruba history. To say you are an enigma by every standard is an understatement, as many who had an interaction with you testify that a moment with you is like an exploratory adventure through school of history. You are a repository of knowledge and a moving encyclopedia. You are undoubtedly a monarch not only with wit, but also with class.

Kabiyesi, as you celebrate forty-six years on the throne, my prayer for you is to live long in sound health and wealth in order to continue to champion the cause of the Yorubas and Oyo in particular. Long shall you live, Kabiyesi. Igba odun, odun kan ni.

His Imperial Majesty, Kabiyesi, Iku Baba Yeye, Alayeluwa, Oba (Dr) Lamidi Olayiwola Adeyemi III (CFR, LLD, JP, SAP), The Alaafin of Oyo, Permanent Chairman, Oyo State Council of Obas and Chiefs, is the longest reigning Alaafin in contemporary history. Ki emi Iku gun fun wa o.

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