Article: The Death Of MMM

Unlike the robust MMM we used to know, MMM, like a drowning man, is gasping for breath and making desperate clutches on straws. From the bolded sentences above, Mavrodi knows he need not set this limit by himself. He knows with the shortage of PHers, it will take forever for all "matured" mavros to get help. But what did he do? He cleverly manufactures an explanation that "we will only pay a certain amount per day" and serves it hot to his ever loyal zombies(couldn't find a softer word). He did not stop at that, but he makes sure he clears all logical doubts from their heads by affirming that,"We''re the ones setting the limits, so it''s completely under our control, and we are not expecting any emergencies in principle. Have no fear and go on about your business as usual " .

But a logical question any sane person would beg for an answer is, " By setting a limit to paybacks, does it imply he will be setting a limit to the help providers? Doesn't it sound contradictory that you set a limit to how much help is being gotten in a day but don't a set limit to how much help is being provided in a day? Who then receives the help being provided? The limited GHers?" The fact is... Mavrodi depends on nature to regulate the GH rate.

Did he stop at that? Hell no. This time, he didn't fail to disappoint his victims. He,as Omniscient one has clearly defined which participant is rich or poor by relying on the amount used to provide the help.Oh poor soul, Mavrodi called you a poor man because you provided a help of N20,000 despite working in a bank or owning a house in Ikoyi.( But then which poor man donates N20,000 to the orphanage). Luckily these "poor" people are going to be the first in the queue to receive payments.

But then Mavrodi is too wise to state which amount that classifies one as rich or poor as you will be lost in thought, pondering which category of social class you belong . He has left you in total doubts to ponder on whether the amount you provided classifies you as "rich" and thus justifies the reason why your payment is not forthcoming.

But Mavrodi has his reasons. It is easier for the "poor" to be paid as their PH amounts are relatively small as opposed to paying the few "rich" millions with what could have been used to settle the numerous "poor". This will of course mitigate the tensed atmosphere. He's a "wise" man.

But then, "The richer can wait. Moreover, we''ve warned you repeatedly to only provide help with amounts that are not critical for you. Therefore, if these large amounts are not critical for them (the richer), they can wait a few days. No need to be tragic about it. 

Mavrodi has smoothly shifted the blames to the "rich" grin . To ye who used their school fees to provide a "rich" help,to ye who borrowed large sum to belong to the unfortunate rich category, to ye who sold your papa land, to ye who sold your only car, Mavrodi is telling you not to feel tragic when the days you have to wait turn to years- after all, he warned you to use that money,the one that has "spare money" written on it to PH. Like a rat that blows and bites at the same time, Mavrodi has offered the rich an anesthetics while reminding them of their "mistakes".

Mavrodi has succeeded in buying himself time with excellent excuses that only the wise and the experienced can see. 

What the future portends for the scheme

*Participants waiting to be paid will have to wait a little longer as they will experience situations where the help providers become apprehensive and refuse to pay.
*Fake POP will still linger on. I'm sorry to be the carrier of this bad news. Fake POP has come to stay.
*Low turnout of new participants. MMM is dying like a candle.
*Confusion and uncertainty will kill the system but The hit and run participants will bury the system.
*More lies being dished out as updates by Mavrodi while not forgetting his popular and powerful clause of," Together, we change the world"
*Participants whose monies are stuck will be urged asked to provide another help
*Mavrodi will not forget to blame the media and the banks(when it crashes) cause it surely gives the participants orgasm.

"P. S. I''d like again to call on the authorities and the mass media: Please, leave us alone! Have mercy on people."
I'm sorry Mavrodi, this line has become stale even though you used it to brainwash millions. Tell it to the birds!

Written By Soldierdollar

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