6 Set Of People Who Wants The President Dead

Written by: Ngene Ukwenu

The rumour mongers and conspiracy theorists have been very busy since Mr. Presdent travelled for his annual vacation.
Some proclaimed him dead, to some he is in a vegetative state; then to the most ridiculous set, who claim he had been buried in London according to the Islamic rites, clap for yourselves.
However, having combed the internet and listened to people's conversations in the streets regarding Mr. President rumoured death, I have been able to pick out different sets of people who never wished that Mr. President comes back to the Country alive and their weird reasons for wanting him dead.
1. IPOB Youth:
These people earnestly want Buhari Dead as soon as possible for daring to order the arrest of their Leader who is being tried for treason. Having discovered that Nnamdi has a very little chance of making out of the prison alive if convicted, they feel that Buhari instant death, would be reprived for their incarcerated leader.
2. The Corrupt: 
Another group who wish, Mr. President Doesnt come back alive, are those presently undergoing trials in different courts for looting our common patrimony. To these set, if God ganted their prayers, And Buhari, somehow died, there would be no longer the Will to continue their trials in the courts.
3. Those Who Lost Elections in 2015: 
These set of people have refused to let bygone be bygone. They always feel they can turn back the hand of the clock.
They never imagined that a FULANI MAN let alone Buhari will Become their president one day. They started, their hate campaign immediately the President was sworn in. So Buhari's death to them, would soothe their wailing hearts.
4. The Religious Bigots:
Remember, from time immemorial Fulani Herdsmen have been killing and destroying people's properties across the country.
But this time around, the reportage is different by a section of the media and religious bloggers. They scoop the internet to bring up some old war pictures from Uganda and Rwanda and tag them Fulani killings to stir up emotions in order to push further their hatred for BUHARI.
5. Fake Prophets: 
A lot of fake pastors and political prophets in a bid to retain memberships had predicated the Death of Buhari, Since their prophesies on his election did not come to pass. So some of them believed since he is already 74 and given the stress of office....he will likely die hence their prayers for his death.
6. The Boko Haram Members and Supporters:
These group are not with Mr. President, for daring to confront and clearing them off their evil activities in North East. Consequently the only person Shekau and his supporters want dead immediately is President Buhari.
Written by: Ngene Ukwenu

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