14-Year-Old Girl Broadcasts Her Own Suicide On Facebook

A 14-year-old girl broadcast to a social media platform from her Miami area foster home as she hanged herself in the bathroom. The Florida Department of Children and Families offered few details Tuesday about the weekend death-by-suicide of Nakia Venant, whom police found hanging from the door frame in the bathroom.

One of the girl's friends told the Miami Herald she saw some of Venant's two-hour livestream on Sunday and called Miami-Dade police, who responded to her house. 

She then gave them a wrong address in Miami, reported the Miami Herald. When police showed up there, residents gave them the address of Venant's foster home in the suburb of Miami Gardens. 

Officers found the 14-year-old hanging from a scarf fashioned into a noose around her neck and tried to resuscitate her, but without success.

Venant was then rushed to Jackson North Hospital, where doctors pronounced her dead. 

According to a brief incident report released by the DCF to the Herald, Venant tied her scarf to a 'shower glass door frame' for the purpose of killing herself just after 3am Sunday. 

The girl's foster parents were asleep in their bed at the time of the incident, the paper reported. 

Child social services and Miami Gardens police are now investigating the circumstances of the girl's suicide.

It is believed Nakia used Facebook Live to broadcast her suicide, although it has not been confirmed as of Wednesday morning.

Source: NationalHelm

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