What Manner of Man Is Hon. Ladi Adebutu? (MY IMPRESSION 2) -- Deji Babington-Ashaye

Hon. Ladi Adebutu
Written By Deji Babington-Ashaye
Let's get this clear from the start. What I write is not borne out of the desire to satisfy any sectional interest neither am I influenced by any force whatsoever. I write based on my true perception of Hon Ladi. I write based on my experience with the political warrior. I write based on my assessment of the fearless politician. I write based on my observation of the business man. I write purely on my sincere evaluation of his personality. And I write simply on what stands him out as a darling of all and sundry across all the socio-political strata. That is the basis upon which I write.
However, if you think I don't have the liberty of opinion, feel free to shift to the next page. But if you have the burning desire to uphold my right of opinion, kindly sail with me and let us reason together.
And for those who are quick to interpret wrongly or be mischievous, put this at the back of your minds, Honourable Oladipupo Kessington-Adebutu , member, Federal House of Representatives and Chairman, House Committee on Rural Development, is not, and I repeat, is not a perfect person. There is no such perfect person in the world. Lado has never considered himself one. He fears Almighty God and believes its only the Omnipotent and Omniscient God that remains perfect.
As a matter of fact, its not a coincidence that Lado has stood tall over the years and is greatly admired by many. One thing he has that is not common among the elites and keeps endearing him to the people is COMPASSION. According to https://www​.vocabulary.com, Compassion is defined as when someone shows kindness, caring, and a willingness to help others in need. No doubt, compassion is his life. Hon Ladi has the milk of kindness in abundance. He lives and breathes compassion. He shares in the feelings of the less privileged. Always, he offers his shoulders for them to lean on. At all times, he gives his laps for them to weep on and his handkerchief to them to wipe away their tears. At the end, they all smile and laugh together.
Hon Ladi may be at the top of the life's socio-economic ladder but he has never looked down on anybody that I know of. He has proven times without number that, afterall, he is human too with blood flowing in his arteries and veins. He just refused to operate from the lofty pedestal. He understands the people's feelings. He dresses in a simple manner to identify with the masses.
His compassionate deeds have traveled far and near. His exemplary deeds are so loud that people cant hear what he says anymore. Its a truism as the maxim says action speaks louder than voice. His deeds have continuously made people to keep reposing confidence and hope in him because his compassion is endless, natural and genuine. Posterity has recorded him as one of the few most compassionate individual in the world.
In truth, Hon Ladi is an embodiment of compassionate humanity and a good example of God's desire for human race. He is a testimony of God's character. The one in whom we can comfortably refer to as the pride of God for our Almighty God is a God of compassion.
Without any iota of doubt, a good leader must be compassionate first before we can accept him to lead a state like ours. Baba Bukola, sure, has it in him unquantifiably. A person like Lado, when called upon to come to Macedonia and help, wont come to Macedonia with bag full of sorrow and sadness. He wont bring tears to the eyes of the citizens and residents of a state by destroying their legacies or properties. He wont take away their businesses because he feels what they feel. He shares in the burden and always, will be there to help the people of the state to live a life of abundance because survival is key. That's what Ogun wants. That is the desire of the good people of Ogun State.
With someone with this uncommon attribute, I make bold to say Ogun people and residents, from Egba to Ijebu and from Yewa to Remo are safe if they put their TRUST in him. Putting TRUST in Hon Ladi Adebutu is tantamount to placing TRUST in his spirit of compassion and compassion bringeth joy, love, tranquility, peace and harmony. May that be the portion of Ogun people in 2019, amen.
Sai Lado....One Nigeria

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