Nigeria: Shame Of A Nation -- Comr. Westo Adekunle Adejumo

I had wished to ignore the rain of shame that descended on Nigeria my country in the past few weeks but, the patriotic spirit will not just allow me to sleep off it. Therefore, I have decided to come up with my position paper.
I cannot but concluded that President Buhari can hardly do anything rightly in Nigeria. He is no doubt a confused Man. I am still willing to see the day when Mr. President will do things rightly as I am willing to celebrate with others that care.
It is a peak of shame on our great country that appointments, employment and empowerment are full of nepotism and connection. Upon all the honesty and sincerity that was gullibly accorded to our President by some myopia, Mr. President is still fighting an incompetent war on corruption, added with many denials of reality and blame game on past government, thereby, exempting those corrupt officials under his nose rather than making them examples.
Also in this Buhari government, Nigerians have witnessed where a single person has held three different ministerial portfolios with huge task. There is no amount of capacity that one might have gotten for himself, even when one’s memory is working like 500-million Gigabytes computer system, added with lot of temerities, he or she cannot comfortably handle two commissioners’ offices in a small populated state capital in Nigeria, let alone; three ministerial positions in Nigeria. Only God knows what ministered to Mr. President to have made Babatunde Raji Fashola a 3-in-1 minister; (Power, Works and Housing) without getting three other capable hands to work with him. Now, total darkness has become our trademark in Nigeria at every night. Thank God for plant generating machines.
I even read in the news recently that some groups are protesting in Abuja, and displaying lanterns as a sign of no light, over lack of electricity in their communities since more than two months back, and they keep receiving and paying NEPA bills. Unfortunately for Nigeria, this protest is also covered by different mass media stations including international ones, and shortly, Mr. President will travel to other countries to disgrace us more. If I may ask, how many Presidents of other countries has been flying around, especially down to Nigeria? This is terrible.
Another shame of the nation is the MMM heartbreaks, where millions of Nigerians have been outsmarted by the unregistered Ponzi / Pyramid scheme due to the lack of social security in Nigeria. The hardship in the country has allowed for internet scam on millions of Nigerians, since the government has no live touching programme for the commoners that dominated the largest percentage of our population. Instead of this government to address the vulnerability of the people and occasionally protect the masses from self-inflicting harms, our government has only warn the victims of the MMM. If our government has provided a regulatory and prosecutorial agency against the Ponzi / Pyramid scheme of this nature, Nigeria victim would not have experienced such heartbreak from those three Indian brothers (Sergie Mavroid, Vyacheslav Mavroid Olga Melnikova) that created MMM.
Though, I am not also exceptional in the area of participation / membership of the MMM scheme. Just that, I have such a large heart to do away with issues that are capable of weighing me down, while I move on quickly. But, some people are not gifted in that regard. Till this moment, many Nigerians are still very frustrated with the shock and heartbreak gotten from MMM due to the sad news that came to them that the scheme has been paused and all pa account had been frozen. I have continue getting a lot of hit and attacks on my Facebook timeline and inbox over my last broadcast on MMM, where I displayed some screenshots of participants with big monies they had invested on MMM scheme. Even, some of my Polytechnic days friends are not left behind in the personal attack game on my timeline / thread on Facebook.
Moreover, Nigeria Government has rather taken the good citizens for granted by shifting blames on the MMM participants in Nigeria, forgetting that, the hardship condition in the country does not give enough room for many participants to look deeply, the risk crested in the MMM scheme.
It is shameful to our country in this Buhari government that all the Honorable Ministers that accompanied President Buhari to National Assembly for 2017 budget presentation were found sleeping. (Not even dozing BUT slept off)! No wonder our Great Economy is wiping off in the face of recession.
It is in this Buhari government that our Great Falcons were tuned to streets protesters, after making $4.3 million from their 1st position in the just concluded 'AWCN' tournament. Funny enough, the sports minister said that the Falcons' victory was not prepared for and there is no budget for them, therefore, no money was allocated to pay their dues / allowance! What a shame!
However, I read on the social media this very afternoon that; the CBN has gotten the federal government order to pay the Super Falcons after they had been embarrassed initially. Well, I just hope that they had been paid this afternoon.
Lest I forget, the same federal executive members, who have been saying there is no money in the country after sinking the country into recession are the ones driving and flying around the country / world in big cars and jets of their choice. But to pay the young Heroines who have suffered to bring a great honour to the country is a big problem!
Funny enough, in this same government, how could President Buhari who could not put the country in order, who has been disobeying court orders, who has never for once congratulated his counterparts in those days he was losing presidential elections could stood up, aiming to mediate and persuade Gambia president to accept defeat? Honestly, shameless is a big virus. One just needs to remind our President that he has done worse in the area of not accepting defeat and he has not lived by example in the past! Leadership should be by example. Thank God; Gambia president has replied him accordingly!
In addition, it still baffles me that this is same Buhari that is currently messing the country's economy and reputation is the one that has tried severally / repeatedly, begging Nigerians for one (more) chance to the office number citizen of Nigeria after his military representation. It is was believed that, all the while he kept trying, he would have gathered him with more strength and ideas to take Nigeria to the next level, unfortunately, reverse is the case. He has just wasted an approximated two years to surrounding himself with greedy old mediocre, ineffectual comrades, the sick, the aged, people bereft of common ideas, bigots and pretenders.
Another thing that this government has gotten wrong is the banning of importation cars by road. This is a huge miscalculation and misadventure. Instead of this, why has Mr. President not reduced the duty on importation by 50%, and support importers by giving them all incentives they required, while waiting for the wonders that will follow afterward.
The N-Power program is yet another shame and scam which I will like to talk about in my next episode, as it was full of scam, lies and deceits.
The most painful thing is that, 2017 budget was presented three days ago without any life touching achievement from 2106 budget. No judicious use of the N6.06TR of 2106 budget, nothing to show for 2016, except flying from one country to the other, and blaming the past government. Our president (Bulgari) has rather used the 2016 N6.6TR to blame and travel around the world, while some wailers still celebrated him in the face of recession.
How I wish someone could just tell Mr. President that; in recession, a responsible governent will spend massively in all sectors and liberalize trading activities, and not the opposite he is doing around the world.
Here we come again! Now, another budget of N7.29TR has been presented again for 2017, tagged; BUDGET OF GROWTH AND RECOVERY. Honestly, I'm just shaking my head!
Where are we going in the country?
I think Buhari needs to hire some good opposition and borrow ideas from them, if not... (I'm short of words)!
Sincerely, I don't just know what else to write or say because; this government has deprived us our right in all aspect. But, I will still say that we should keep praying and wait patiently till 2019, when we shall be opportune to re-decide!
Till then; I rise and care...
-- Comrade Westo Adekunle Adejumo.
#An Advocate and a Social Critic
#From the Office of Good Citizens.

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