MMM Has Finished Me, I'm Going to Commit Suicide - Nigerian Woman Cries as Accounts Are Frozen

The woman shared her story on Laila, a popular Nigerian blog.
She revealed that she just joined MMM only two weeks ago and now her account has been frozen.
According to her, this has left her totally inconsolable as the thoughts of suicide keeps crossing her mind.

The story was shared on Laila's Blog
Hello Laila, I am finished. It was only last 2 week that I decided to try this MMM thing since all my friends were making money from it.
All along, I refused to do but everybody in my neighbourhood and church were doing and making money and christmas was coming and my husband is not making any move to give me money for the children's clothes and mine. 
I decided to put my 120 thousand and I was to collect 187 thousand by 24th of december because I have 3 referrals through my link only for me to wake up this morning to hear that the whole thing has crashed. Please, that is my life savings. Even the woman that refereed me is crying too. 
I don't know what to do because part of that money belongs to my husband and some for my mother in law. Please is there any lawyer or human right person in this blog to help me recover my money.
I will give the person half of the money. please. I don't mind. I sent a message to Barrister Ugwuanyi of DPA but he has refused to reply.
Please help me.
MMM has ruined me. I want to kill myself. I am going mad. the people that introduce me to this thing started since and has made some money. Me na just last week i do my own. Please help me.

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