Male and Female Corpers Caught Having S*x In Ogun Camp; Vacate Camp Immediately

Two Corpers have been decamped from the Ogun State NYSC Orientation Camp after both of them were caught having s*x. Skills Acquisition classes were happening on Wednesday 7th December at the Ogun State NYSC Orientation Camp.

Some corpers were being trained on how to enhance their writing and public speaking skills. Others were learning how to make beads, make-up, etc. There were the phone repairers, and a bunch of other skills acquisition classes.

Funny enough, at the back of the class, away from the crowd, a guy and a lady very busy 'sweating'.

Unfortunately for them, a soldier caught them pants down. They were marched to the commandant's office, and almost immediately they were decamped, which means that they have to re-apply for NYSC for next year - 2017.

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