Boko Haram Terrorist On The Run As Troops Storm Sambisa Massively

Gallant troops of Operation Lafiya Dole have moved deeper into Sambisa Forest on many fronts, in the continuing effort to clear Boko Haram terrorists from their hideouts.
Major-General Leo Irabor, the Theatre Commander of Operation Lafiya Dole, while disclosing this on Wednesday, said the troops had continued to make progress into the heart of the forest. 

According to him, on one of the fronts, the troops were attacked at Goni Kurmi by terrorists with the hope of slowing down their push. Irabor, however, noted that the attack was successfully repelled with the terrorists suffering casualties.

He state that the troops recovered AK-47 rifle, different calibres of ammunition and magazines.
“The advance continued the following day and our troops successfully cleared Alafa 1, 2 and 3 respectively before harbouring at Bula Bello. On December 5, the troops cleared all terrorists’ delay positions before capturing Njimia,” he said.

According to him, the troops were attacked with AA guns and small arms fire at Njimia, adding that the attack, which lasted for about 30 minutes, was successfully repelled with the terrorists suffering heavy casualties before retreating. 

He, however, said a soldier and two men of the civilian joint task force (JTF) were wounded.

“Yesterday, at about 1600 hours, ISR identified Boko Haram’s massing up to attack own troops at Njimia. Our artillery and air assets were used to engage the terrorists which led to the destruction of 4 x vehicles, a fuel tanker likely laden with IEDs. The air force also strafed and killed many fleeing insurgents.

“On the second front, the troops advanced and cleared all terrorists’ camps on their axis before harbouring at AMDAGA on the first day.

“At AMDAGA, the terrorists carried out a probing attack on our troops which was swiftly dealt with before the terrorists retreated. The following day, troops cleared and occupied DURE and have been operating in the general area to intercept fleeing terrorists,” he said.

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