Another Pastor Predicts Who Win US Presidentail Race

Some days after pastor TB joshua predicted Hillary Clinton's win. Another pastor predict the same thing as TB Joshua as said. Pastor

Prophet ISAAC AMATA Prophecies Wrote on this on his facebook page

BEHOLD....HILLARY CLINTON... .THE NEXT PRESIDENT OF UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!..... .PROPHET ISAAC AMATA... NOVEMBER 7,2016. On Tuesday November 8, 2016...History will be made.. Hillary Clinton wins.. Defeating Donald Trump becoming lst ever female president ever! She is succeeding Barrack Obama..ln December 2015 on my facebook page.. prophet lsaac Amata prophecies l said.. "In 2016 elections America will experience it's first ever female president in history as Hillary Clinton wins defeating Donald Trump..succeeding Barrack Obama" It is about to manifest. No email scandals or attacks will stop her...ON NOVEMBER 9,2016 ALL WORLDWIDE WILL WAKE UP TO HEAR THIS POWERFUL NEWS!... CONGRATULATIONS HILLARY CLINTON.. NEXT PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! share this to all on whatsapp and facebook... Whatsap prophet :+2348034546147...YOU CAN ATTACK DESTINY...OPPOSE DESTINY.... BUT CANNOT STOP DESTINY!... DESTINY CANNOT BE REVERSED! IF YOU BELIEVE YOUR DESTINY IS UNSTOPPABLE TYPE 'UNSTOPPABLE' AND SHARE FAST

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