Who Will Wake Up Our Leaders in NANS?

Written By: Comrade Chocomilo


"One of the tests of leadership is the ability to recognise a
problem before it becomes an emergency"
Arnold Glasow

"Leaders think and talk about the solutions. Followers think and talk about the problems"
Brian Tracy

I've stood high at the face of threats, force, verbal attacks & possible intimidation in my efforts to make every students' association more saner, clearer & active in genuine struggle towards the restoration of student's rights, freedom, liberty and provision of basic amenities to make life bearable for us as students of higher institutions in our country.

We dare not kill dog because he barks likewise we can never kill ram because he knocks with his horns. Despite all trials, verbal attacks and intimidation, I will never give silence an audience because I've eaten hen's anus and it is compulsory that I must spit out every act of negligence in any student's union and organisations.

I've focused more on NANS as an association because as far as Nigeria is concerned, NANS is the only organisation that have good records of struggle and purpose of mission with our government and the most recognised as far as students' struggle is concerned. I've always wept in corner whenever I think of our beloved NANS and how political parties ruin our aims, objectives, goals and vision. The truth needs to be told without fear irrespective of those we've killed with our
words or pen. I'm not a killer but I prefer to hurt you with a lie rather than to protect you with the truth.

I could remember the days of Kayode Ogundamisi, Okeowo Segun and others as youth activists. The days of valiant and courageous comrades those that will never forfeit or sell out  their integrity, dignity and pride for stipends. These people were fearless and courageous when it comes to protests and negotiation. These people were able to deposit their feelings to the government through excellent brainstorming, physical appearance and adequate reasoning despite during the reigns of the military. Don't blame some leaders in NANS for low or inadequate reasoning when they've graduated for ages but they didn't graduate themselves.

I'm always grateful to God that we've moved our system of government from military rule to civilian rule. I'm grateful for the introduction of internet which makes it easier for us to deposit our feelings as students in a proper way because it is suicidal for us to have these present leaders of NANS and other associations during military era. Most students hardly know about NANS while some students doesn't even know about their existence as a result of poor timely information and negligence of duty.

I've decided not to write anything about student's unions or organisations but cries of nigeria students who awaits signs or miracles from these leaders murdered my sleep. I really don't know how to tell that our leaders are asleep or they're busy fighting rigorously to gain sovereignty. Will NANS or NAPS deny the cries of some students who were unlawfully suspended or expelled because they fought for what NANS leaders couldn't fight for as a result of greed? Will NANS deny the tears of students who were duped intelligently by school management when they demanded for SUG but they gave them SUL? Will NANS deny the tears of students who stopped schooling as a result of high school fee?

I've seen records of four students from reputable institution that was suspended and one of them was expelled. I could remember during the days, we still have our integrity, pride and dignity as an association. The days when NANS official will set in into a campus and address issue with their VC or head of management team without seeking a dime. The days when NANS official will address student's issues with full respect from management team. Those days when funds or monies given to NANS officials will be returned until what they seek in a school is addressed. Those days when protest as a word not an action shakes chairs of Vice - chancellors.

I read close to fifty(50) press releases from our officials in NANS about that ugly incidence that happened in FUNNAB Abeokuta. That incident that brought tears into the eyes of students and parents. Some students are still in prison while some students who were wealthy enough to pay the sum of #100000 were released. I trust my father, a strict guy to the core, he will allow his lovely son to have a taste of hardship for him to know that NANS is just a name. Despite all our press releases, those imprisoned students are still in prison while some students will be suspended after resumption.

I have known our association, NANS to be a weak entity & others weaker entities ever since they've failed themselves to reinstate my beloved brother, Olawale Ogunruku. I do shed tears whenever I remember this poor boy. They've promised him heaven and hell but nothing has been done. How I wish I can address the coordinator of NANS ZONE D as buffalo

but I've promised my readers a write-up without abuse. Do I need to tell you about Omole Ibukun, a product of OAU victimisation? Suspended student leaders of Unilag student's
are still seeking help from NANS. I implore you to seek our God of Aluta's face, pray to him because your reinstatement lies not with NANS but with God.

My heart is with our victimised students. I am a product of victimisation, assault and detention. I understand their pains and plights but what can I do? I'm not a NANS official and I have no power to negotiate their release. Those that have such powers are dozing and I pray for quicken recovery.

I pray that our leaders in NANS wake up soonest before things get out of hand.

Watchout for my next article, "Two hanging thieves on the cross, at the middle lies a saint"

Until when I write you next, I remain your writer and only social critic.

Lawal Sodiq Adewale Chocomilo
Institute of Readers and Thinkers

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