Teachers Are Better Than Politicians, Am Advising You To Reduce Our Salary And Increase Their Salary -- Ben Bruce Tells Buhari

Benue Murray Bruce
Yesterday Oct5, Was Marvelous as Nigeria Joins the World to celebrate its “World Teachers Day”

In a message posted on Facebook and Twitter to mark the 'World Teacher's Day' on Wednesday, the senator representing Bayelsa east, Ben Murray-Bruce, has called on the President Muhammadu Buhari-led federal government for a reduction in the salaries of politicians.

 The chairman of Silverbird group who lamented the plight of teachers, saying they deserve better pay, added that Nigeria would be a better country if teachers were properly remunerated.

“Nigeria has some of the highest paid politicians and some of the lowest paid teachers. Flip this equation and Nigeria will develop.

“On this World Teachers Day, I thank Nigeria’s teachers and urge that salaries of politicians be reduced so that teachers’ salary can be increased!

“Teachers are much more relevant to the progress of Nigeria than we politicians. A well paid teacher is a better teacher but is a well paid legislator a better legislator?,” he wrote.

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