Press Release By The Ogun State Caucus Of The National Assembly On Industrial Strike Action In Ogun State

Our attention has been drawn to the ongoing industrial strike action embarked upon by Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) /Trade Union Congress (TUC) Ogun State Chapters. It is our candid view that the state does not need industrial action at this challenging time in view of the facts that the State Government has not defaulted in the payment of salaries where some other states are unable to pay. The state is committed to the agreements reached on the payments of the backlog of unpaid cooperative deductions despite the current harsh 
economic climate and dwindling revenues.

Our appeal to the state workers to call off this strike is further premised on the timing and the untoward hardship it would cause to our people. The state cannot afford the enormous loss of revenues that will result from the strike.
Hands of all Patriotic citizens of Ogun state must be on deck to steer the ship of the state away from looming disaster that might result from the strike action and disrupt the prosperity of the state. We hope and advise that the leadership of the Unions should adopt dialogue as a means of addressing their concerns. We share your anxiety over this matter and we believe that the authority will address this critical issue through an amicable dialogue. As a listening government and true democrats, we are convinced that your demands can be resolved amicably.

We wish to also remind the workers that the Senator Ibikunle Amosun-Executive Governor of Ogun State led administration from inception accords high priority to the welfare of the state’s workforce and consider them as a worthy partner and would continue to keep faith to this creed regardless of the current financial challenges, which is temporary and not peculiar to Ogun state alone.

More importantly, we appeal to the Unions Leadership to stay focused on their core roles and responsibilities to their members and resist the evil manipulations and machinations of unscrupulous politicians who are working assiduously to pull the State Government down at all costs and also destroy the good working relationship that exist between Senator Ibikunle Amosun administration and the good workers of Ogun State for their selfish and personal political agenda.

As a body of representatives of the people, our caucus would continue to join forces with the State Government and every well-meaning citizens of the state, including the top hierarchy of the work force to explore all possible means to better the economic fortunes of the state, improve its finances and further position it in its avowed commitment to further rebuild the state, deliver democratic dividends to our people, including promoting the welfare of the workforce, who are undauntedly the engine room of the administration in this mission to rebuild Ogun State.

We strongly advocate that the strike should be called off immediately to allow for further 
dialogue and a broad based consultation with all parries concerned with the objective of amicable resolution of the impasse in the interest of peace. We believed that no price is too great to pay for peace and there is no need to continue the strike of which the consequences will make us all the losers. What in our opinion Ogun State need most now to be able to meet its financial obligations are financial re-engineering and quality management under a peaceful and business friendly environment.

This is the most desperate hour of our state development. It is also the finest hour for men and women of integrity to stand up and be counted to defend what is decent and right in our society and To lay a good foundation for a new and enduring society that has its foundation on moral values and that is buttress by ethical standards and govern by rule of law, patriotism and fear of God.

On this note we are all a stake holder in this project called Ogun State and must not fail.

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