Upn to Federal Government, Don't Sell Our National Assets.

The Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN) on Sunday gave a stern caution to the federal government to desist from selling off Nigeria national assets.

The Ogun state chairman, Hon. Olufunmilayo Iredee Oginni, stated this in a communique signed by her Media Assistant, she  said the plan was ill-timed and unwarranted as it will not serve national interest, adding that no nation can develop, survive or feel secure after selling all its national assets.

She further explained that doing this would further mortgage the future of Nigeria in the hands of few cabals, noting that these individuals are just looking for advantage to further loot the country through illegal acquisition of the national assets as in the case of various oil blocks held by a few “powerful” Nigerians.

Oginni said: “The sale of national assets is not only surprising but also embarrassing for a nation experiencing economic recession. The proponents of the sale of national assets are those who have been actively involved in the operations of the nation’s economy in the past. They were part of those responsible for the country’s current economic situation.
“Moreover, such sales in the past including the power and steel sectors privatisation is just a shift from public monopoly to private monopoly which has further worsen those sectors.
She reiterated to say if we sell off our National assets today to fix 2016 budget, then what are going to have to fund 2017 budget.

“It is therefore the candid position of UPN as an opposition party, that such plan should be thrown into the trash bin. Government should continue to seek better ways to address the present economic challenges and reduce areas of wastages. The long overdue calls for diversification of the economy should be driven with all seriousness; more action is required urgently than propaganda mechanism.

“The Federal Government on her part should show seriousness on the reduction of cost of governance and demonstrable cut on foreign trips including that of medical as part of cost reduction measure. It is no longer news that our current economic team needs some ‘re-jigging’ for optimal performance. The CBN policies do not suggest measures that can aid fair interest rates for businesses.

“While we support the fight against corruption, it is important to be systematic in doing this in order to encourage local investment. We shall continue to provide the needed support to Government in times like this that will enable her out of the current doldrums.

Ifemosu Michael.
Media House, Ogun State Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN).

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