SHOCKING! Dead Body Disappears On Burial's Day

The family of one Teregana Dyala, a grandmother who had already died, has been thrown into commotion after her dead body vanished.

According to Daily Sun SA, the family of Teregana planned a dignified funeral for Saturday. However what was supposed to be a solemn occasion turned into a disaster. 

The family was devastated when the undertakers sent the wrong body not once, but twice.

Eventually the family went looking for her body at funeral parlous in neighbouring kasis, but the body was nowhere to be found.

Daily Sun reports that the situation almost got out of control when mourners at the funeral of the 75-year-old from Wentzel Park in Alexandria, near Port Alfred in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, tried to bliksem the hearse driver, who had asked for help to push his run-down vehicle.

Luckily, the family intervened and calmed the situation.

Teregana’s son, Mabhaso (37) told Daily Sun: “At 8am a skorokoro hearse arrived from the undertaker, Shweme and Shweme, with the wrong body. We sent it back to Grahamstown to fetch our mum. We waited hours but when it finally came back, the body in the coffin still didn’t belong to my mother.

“We got the cops to escort us to another funeral parlour to check if the body was there. We also searched the offices of the undertaker in Grahamstown, with no success.

“We went to the Grahamstown cop shop to lay a charge but cops refused to open a case, claiming it was a civil matter.”

Zukiswa Galela, the Shweme and Shweme supervisor in Grahamstown, cried when she was confronted by the family. “This is the body that was delivered to us from the hospital mortuary.”

Shweme and Shweme manager, Monde Hedashe, said: “We are confused because according to our Grahamstown office, this is the body identified by the gogo’s son.

“The family must go back to the Port Alfred mortuary and check for her body. They know who their family member is, not us.”


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