Madam Brutalized Her House Maid, Cut Her With Saw (PHOTO)

The operatives of the Lagos State Police Command have arrested a woman who allegedly brutalizing her hired housemaid by inflicted a severe injury on her wrist with a saw.

The incident was said to have happened on Sunday in the Meiran Alagbado area of Lagos state after neighbours heard the shout of the girl in the woman’s apartment.

On getting to the apartment to ascertain cause of the shout, neighbours managed to force open the woman’s door and found the underage maid bleeding profusely while still doing domestic chores.

A neighbour who witnessed the saga said the girl told them that her madam was in the habit of using crude items on her anytime she is beating her.

She said: “While the girl was trying to escape, the woman used the saw to inflict that injury on her.
Not bothered with the blood flowing from the girl, the woman still forced the maid to wash clothes with the same hand.”

Concerned neighbours had no choice but to report the barbaric act to the Meiran Police Station. The madam has been arrested and detained, case under investigation.

why maltreating house maid?

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