Female University Student Turns Snake After Hanging Out With Sugar Daddy OverNight (PHOTO)

This incident happened in University of Nairobi in Kenya, A lady allegedly turned into a big snake few hours after a man said to be her sugar daddy, dropped her at her hostel residence.
An eyewitness who is one of the victim’s close friends narrated the incident and said;
“Everything happened so quickly, she had just alighted from the vehicle and I saw her walk into her room. I was on my way to her room when I heard her screaming. I quickly pushed the door open an behold I saw her turning into a snake, on her bed, right before my very own eyes.”

The authorities of the University of Nairobi who reacted to the news, gave a strict warning to the female students of the Institution to avoid going out with strangers in order to avert a recurrence of a similar case.
Meanwhile security operatives are currently searching for the suspected man, while the eye witness has been remanded in custody for further interrogation. 

Warn Your Female Students to face what they have gone to do in School and also pray for them

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