Father R*ped and Later Killed Her Daughter (PHOTO)

The father of honor student Daizsa Bausby has been arrested and charged for her alleged r*pe and murder. The 18yrs old girl was actually preparing for her 19th birthday, when she was suddenly found dead.

Sadly, according to the police findings, her father, Jerry K. Bausby, 40, r*ped and killed her.

Beautiful Daizsa's was found smothered to death inside a Kansas City motel room after she went to visit her dad sometime in March 2016 at the motel.

But last week, her dad appeared before a Jackson County judge, and entered a not guilty plea for her r*pe and death. He was charged with murder in the first degree, sodomy, incest and s*xual assault but he maintains his innocence.

The police are expected to tender "forensic" evidences against the father in the next court sitting.

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