Drama! Politician's Wife Caught Having S*x With Another Man (PHOTO)

A Kenyan politician (name withheld) caught his wife in the act.
The woman cried like a baby when her husband walked in on her pleasuring a man after lying that she needed to attend a convention in Nairobi.
Tuko reports that she had left her home in Nyeri  for Nairobi for what would be a two-day visit to Nairobi.
Her husband, an renown MP, was curious since he had not seen any official invite. He had also, according to a later revelation, gotten wind of his wife's philandering ways.
So when the wife made the excuse, he got ready. It was about time.
According to Tuko, he followed her hours after she had left their matrimonial home. The first day, he was unable to trace her until someone called him late in the night and told her that she had seen her wife.
The wife had been seen at a lodging in upper hill in the company of a younger man. They were walking hand in hand.
Early the next morning, armed with his security detail, the furious MP stormed the lodging where he found his wife and the lad.

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