Drama! Man Got Sacked Two Hours After He Got The Job

A Facebook User shared the story

Read his story below:

"It wasn't funny mhen!
I applied again at a company I have once worked though. They have replaced the Manager and the old staff. I actually left the place 3 years ago when I got admitted to a polytechnic for National Diploma Programme. So I am through now and I wanted to work for few years before proceeding to HND.

Fast Forward to September, 2016 I received a message yesterday from my former employer for an interview that same yesterday. I went there and It was successful I was told by the Manager to resume today, 28th of September.

After I resumed this morning barely 2 hours later, the Manager Director arrived immediately. He saw me and recognized me immediately. 

Dramatically, he started complaining that I should leave saying he can't re-employ an old staff. I kept begging but he turned me down. Even though I didn't commit any atrocity, or crime at that first time. At the end of the day sha I got sacked!!!
I trekked half of lagos before I actually got this one but I won't stop I will keep moving. Pls Ignore my grammatical errors I dey vex gan"

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