Baby Boy Born With 15 Fingers and 16 Toes (PHOTOS)

An 8-month-old Chinese baby nicknamed Yuanyuan, who was born with 15 fingers and 16 toes (31 digits in total) as well as without thumbs or big toes, is set to undergo a corrective surgery as medical doctors are in the process of removing the extra digits and reshaping the child's remaining digits over three stages of operations.

The baby's digits whose family are from Hunan Province in southern China, are asymmetrical meaning that they will need to be reshaped, as doctors say that the surgery will be long and a long period of recovery will be needed once the operations are complete

It was learnt that the child's mother was also born with six fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot.

According to Dailymail, Doctor Xu Jihai from No 6 Ningbo Hospital told reporters that the baby's surgery will be completed in three phases.

The first phase involves removing the toes and ensuring that the child is able to walk.  Once that is finished, the second phase involves making thumbs for the infant and removing additional fingers.

While the third would completely reshape the child's fingers.  Once the phases are finished, there will be enough time for Yuanyuan to recover before starting school.

Credit: DailyMail

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