Linking Jonathan to NDA, You Are Planning To Kill Him --- Group Claims

Nigerian ex president, Goodluck Jonathan

A group, Coalition of Niger Deltans for Justice and Development has alleged that there is a plan to imprison Goodluck Jonathan and eventually kill him. The group made the allegation following reports linking the former president to the sponsorship of  the Avengers.

The president of the group, Mr. Ebiakpo Barle on August 19 said; there was a scheme to implicate Jonathan so as to finally kill him in detention.

He said: “Laughable as the allegations against him (Jonathan) in the campaign of calumny already in the open are, it cannot be taken for granted and waved aside as it is serious because they are desperate and anxious to accomplish their clandestine mission to malign, frame up and eliminate an innocent man.

“The plot is to link and to establish him as the chief sponsor of the activities of a militant group in the Niger Delta, the Niger Delta Avengers. The ex-President, we all know, is a meek and honest man, who upholds more than anything else, the unity of Nigeria and progress of her people for greater development.

“Therefore, any kind of thinking to link him with any set of persons or cabal planning or carrying out bloody mission of bombing and destroying economic means of the country or destabilizing the nation cannot tally with his character.” He said Jonathan had displayed that he was a man and had vowed that that “no blood of any Nigerian is worth my ambition and I do not play politics with the development and wellbeing of our people.” Barle noted that the former president duly handed over power to President Muhammadu Buhari after he lost in 2015 and this testified to his personality. “That Jonathan is sponsor of the NDA is laughable and a fabricated lie from the pit of hell and the handiwork of mischief makers who are enemies of Nigeria and want this country to capitulate under the watch of Buhari.

“They are the same people who collaborated with other parts of the world to predict doom for Nigeria in 2015 and that the last presidential election would be the point of disintegration for Nigeria and Nigerians.” He said “those mischief makers, dissatisfied and angry at the failure of their prediction, were once again fanning the embers of disunity, destabilisation, disintegration and liquidation of Nigeria through plotting of a collision course between Jonathan and Buhari.”

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