Insecurity: Robbery and Rape Cases, FUNAAB Student Narrates Sordid Ordeal

If you are being robbed off your valuables in the comfort of your hostels off campus, the school security says they have a limited jurisdiction. “We do not interfere with matters off campus.”

The horrors of the night we experience as students of Funaab (Funaabites) by leaving classes in the evening, hoping and praying that one’s hostel won’t be the next on the line while the school security section is being run like a freaking assembly line.

Funaabites couldn’t act. Funaabites couldn’t speak out. We obey everything like zombies in warm bodies. We live in fear of the horrific ones who invade our hostels at night. They come in, tell us to lie down, take our valuables, injure those that resist or not and rape our ladies.
I happen to be a victim of circumstance as well. A year ago, my colleagues and I were robbed in the comfort of our hostel with items such as laptops and phones being extorted from us. We informed the school CSO of the incident and he questioned our reason of getting a hostel off campus which we were shocked to hear. After we wrote down our names and items we were robbed off, he said that the school security is not concerned about matters off campus.

This means the matter of security is left with the Nigeria Police Force. Once matters like this are being reported, the issue of jurisdiction comes up again so we remained silent. We are always being silenced by the fact that students have the fear of being rusticated if any act of protest should occur.

Our silence cost us. The robbery toll increased drastically and now fed up Funaabites replaced the silence with action and words. Funaabites took to the streets after being pushed to the wall. A protest ones peaceful starting at the school gate as early as 6 a.m. on Thursday 18th of August, 2016. The protest was going on smoothly as students demand the presence of the press to voice out what they have been experiencing.

Policemen that never surfaced when horrors of the night ripped our hostels apart appeared at the scene of protest and were being questioned by the students about the level of insecurity off campus.

It was reported that “The protest later turned into a riot after a police officer shot a student in the eye.”

A primary source also said that the student was shot at close range by a policeman with tear gas trying to scare Funaabites away or whatever their intentions were.

Innocents students were arrested mostly inside their hostels as a statement was being released, ” 150 students must be captured.”

As of the time of writing this, the police was said to have arrested about 34-59 individuals who aren’t all students after the protest and they have been arraigned to court by the police. When one of the lawyers was asked, he said that each person would be granted a bail with 100k or a collateral worth that amount.

Funaabiltes have had enough of being intimidated, being pushed around, kept pain in form of silence while the media report wrongly to the world.
Media houses that were being requested at the beginning of the protest could not make up anything realistic as they boosted their way of line trying to sale their business by writing headlines that criticize the rights the students were fighting for. Headlines like “students go wild in Ogun” “Funaab students on rampage, many vehicles burnt”

The police P.R.O. Ogun state, Oyeyemi Abimbola said that no shots were fired at the scene of protest. There is a picture taken at the scene courtesy of Funaab medias that shows the shell of a fired bullet and he is over there in his office saying “no shot was fired, I can assure you that.”


Is he trying to make himself or the police force look good by this statement?
We have tried enough
Do not take our silence as an act of foolishness

The horrors of the night come here to injure us so did the police
This is not a refugee camp; it is the environs a great and peaceful named Funaab where we Funaabites reside.

Medias reporting to the nation about this incident, I wonder where your sources are from as not a person from any media house was spotted during the protest and the riot.
Are you backing the police force?

Are you happy with the insecurity experienced by Funaabites?
If you want to keep spreading false information, remember we have approximately
15,000 students, 150,000 fingers and a whole lot of followers on social networks
You do the math
We were there, you were not
We witnessed it, you were told
We experienced it, you imagined
We were victimized
We are Funaabites
Tell the world the truth!!!
?#?saveFunaab? ?#?releaseFunaabites? ?#?Funaabites_not_secured?

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