Here Is The 7 Important Matters Osinbajo, 36 Governors Discussed At National Economic Council Meeting


Below are the main highlights of the 76th meeting of the National Economic Council (composed of all the 36 state governors, the minister of the Federal Capital Territory and the governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria) held on Thursday, April 27, 2017, in Abuja. 

The Accountant- General of the Federation briefed Council on the Development of Natural Resources and Ecological Funds as follows:
• That the Natural Resources Fund balance as at 31/3/17 – N70.9 billion
• Ecological Fund balance as at 31/3/17 – N33.645 billion
• States and Local Governments now to keep their share of Resources Fund and Ecological Fund for use of intervention as the need arises in their respective jurisdictions.
• Council also decided that an audit of the Ecological Fund be carried out by an Committee of governors and federal ministers.
• The Committee is comprised of the Governors of Oyo, Borno, Imo, Kaduna, Anambra, Akwa Ibom, Benue States, and the Ministers of Finance and Environment.
This Committee will audit the Ecological Fund and come up with policy recommendations on how the fund should be managed and disbursed.
• The Honourable Minister of Finance gave an update on the disbursement of the Paris Club refunds and addressed issues about the next round of the payments to the States after the first disbursements.
• State Governors at the meeting expressed appreciation to the President for the previous disbursements of the refund, which is more than 10 years overdue, and noted their expectations for the next round of refund from the FG.
• The Honourable Minister of Finance also told Council that the Balance in the Excess Crude Account as at April 26, 2017 stands at US$2.2billion.
• The Honourable Minister of Finance presented a Budget Estimate for the operation of the Committee and Council approved.
• The Ministry of Finance also made presentation to Council on the Operations of the Efficiency Unit located in the Federal Ministry.
• Council was informed that the Unit has been able to save the FG a whopping of N17 billion since it was established.
• Council appreciated the presentation and urged that States also should establish Efficiency Units in order to entrench systems that will improve efficiency, reduce cost and block leakages in line with the fiscal sustainability plan.
• The Vice President updated Council on the progress of four of the Social Investment Programmes of the Administration, namely: N-Power, Conditional Cash Transfer, Homegrown School Feeding Programme and the Government Enterprise and Empowerment Programme (GEEP), for micro –credits.
• Council was also briefed about certain impediments and programme implementation delays noticed in the FG/States Government’s collaboration and resolved to end such obstacles to the successful implementation of the SIPs.
• Council therefore resolved to upgrade the States coordination units for the FG’s SIP to the Governor’s offices for better and more effective FG/State collaboration
• Honourable Minister of Health made a presentation to Council on the update on the Meningitis Outbreak as follows:
• That there have been 9,646 suspected cases of Meningitis affecting 6 States in the country, namely Zamfara, Katsina, Sokoto, Niger, Kebbi and Kaduna
• As at April 25, 2017, about 767 deaths had occurred, representing 9% of the infected population
• About N46.7 billion is required to vaccinate the valuable population
• Council expressed grave concern over the ravaging effects of the meningitis epitome in parts of the country and directed the Federal Ministry of Health to intensify its intervention efforts to contain the embarrassing epidemic, while advocating for increased funding for Health.
• The Minister in his presentation called for the establishment of a National Health Emergency Fund to be domiciled in the Presidency under the supervision of NEC Chairman.
• The National Security Adviser (NSA) today briefed Council on the security situation in the country, particularly as it has to do with conflict between armed herdsmen and farmers, especially in Kaduna, Taraba and Benue States among others.
• He told Council that security agencies have commenced a nationwide crackdown on armed herdsmen, gun runners, cattle rustlers, militants, militias and others perpetrators of violence.
• Governors gave a robust response to the presentations, commending efforts of the FG so far in tackling the security challenges and advocated for more collaboration between the FG and States.
• Council resolved that there is need to have an extraordinary session dedicated to discussing security issues in the country as a means to deepening the issues and effectively addressing the menace.

Short Note On Senator Isiaka Adeleke's Death

By Adetilewa Adetomiwa 
Let me pokenose to Osun...

Senator Isiaka Adetunji Adeleke became Senator in 2007 defeating house of Rep member who was representing Oshodi/Isolo in Lagos State, Hon.Mudasiru Oyetunde Hussein.
He lost in 2011 to the man he defeated in 2007, Hon. Mudasiru Oyetunde Hussein.

He joined same party with the incumbent, he defeated him again to get APC ticket in 2015. Later won the general election.

The man he defeated, Senator Mudasiru Oyetunde Hussein was said to be a strong member of Oranmiyan group. He was sacrificed for Adeleke support toward Aregbesola second term bid.
Senator Isiaka Adetunji Adeleke started mobilization to succeed Aregbesola in 2018.
Aregbesola is the leader of Oranmiyan group. He is governing without commissioners for 16 months, suddenly nominated Senator Mudasiru Oyetunde Hussein few weeks ago as one of his commissioners. People alledge it was a plot to checkmate Adeleke in his district.
News came out about Senator Mudasiru Oyetunde Hussein ridiculous appointment, which painted him as broke ex senator (ipada seyin). Some people in his group blamed supporters of, Senator Isiaka Adetunji Adeleke for the smear campaign.
Now that Adeleke is dead, we will be watching if Senator Mudasiru Oyetunde Hussein will contest the special election to replace Senator Isiaka Adetunji Adeleke.
I am not insinuating anything, just investigating as usual.

DREAM — By Ifemosu Micheal

Ifemosu Micheal
Ifemosu Micheal
According to Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary, 7th Edition, it defines Dreams as a series of images that happens in your mind while you are asleep, it can also be likened to a wish we are willing to have or desire to do something.

However, my perception about dream is a State of mind in which things do not seem real or part of Normal life and You believe in yourself you can make it come Through.

A life void of Dreams is a futile life, a life that will exist as a nobody and void of impact.

Dreams of Man are meant to be pursued, a dreaming mind is a Great Mind, a mind that has the full capacity to do the unexpected and achieve unprecedented strides in Life.

Having read books, biography and excerpts of great and historic men and Women, I am more than enough convinced that each and everyone of them were dreamers of what they were wether through circumstances, luck or any means, the sum total is they once dreamt of who they wanted to be and they pursued it till they got it achieved.

Dreaming is not all about Sleeping and having illusions, scenes and videos shoots of happenings, it is all about having the conceptualization of how far you believe in yourself to go far in life and how you can actualize it.

Your vision and Dreams, the Pictures you see with your inner eye must change because Provision connotes Vision.

Where is the big business that was not once a Dream in someone's mind? Where is the wealthy Nation whose wealth was not once a definite Dream in someone's mind? That is why people are poor when there are no dreams and visions.

What is the size of your dream? What can you see with your inner eye? What do you see concerning your Future, marriage, family, your career, business and the people around you?

If you do not have the time to Dream, then you do not have the time to prepare for your Future, the Dreams of today are the realities of tomorrow.

Your Success in life is measured up with your Human Leadership formula which is GET UP, SHOW UP, HUMAN UP, MENTOR UP and MOVE UP.

Your dreams becomes a success and Achievable when you stop negotiating the Cost, Dreams are based on three Important things which are, 1. What Do Your Dream Want? 2. What Does Your Dream Cost? 3. Pay The dues for the actualization of your dreams.

You must be willing to do the unreasonable, if you desire to achieve the unreasonable, you have to think exclusively outside the box, for the dreaming mind there are no dead ends in Life, only the dead ends thinking, dreamers are people who GROW through Life and not GO through Life, instead of creating a life of regrets by avoiding Your Dreams why not create a Life of Dreams by avoiding Your regrets, why not Dream Big?.

When you give up on your dreams and quit, you have no right to judge those who didn't quit and eventually ended passing you by, when we were little we all desire to live well, now that we are all growing up, our wish and dreams should be a desire to die well, these are Dreams, How will people remember You?.

A person Dream is Big based on how people discourage him or her not to pursue it, when all seems lost Your Dreams remains, Never give up hope on your Dreams regardless of how bad your current reality is.

The longer I live, the more I am convinced that success and achievements in life goes to those who dream't  for it, When You Get Little money Buy Books that will help your Dreams grow, attend Programmes that will grow your Dream, and if any is left out buy food and clothes , you have to feed your Dreams before feeding your Body.

A non-hungry person cannot feed on chocolates likewise a Non-Dreaming life can not be successful, in the fight for the actualization of your dream, you will find hundreds of reasons to give up, but you need to find one reason to hang in there to win and make your Dream come through.

It is imperative that we fuel our Dreams in life than fueling the Drama in Life, everything God created are based on purpose which are Dreams of any Individual, as Human Beings we are Human Becomings.

The realization of any Dream is Planning, in 1948, a survey was carried out on all the students in Hill University in the United States of America, they found out that only 3% of them had clear ideas of how they want to go in life and had taken measures to actualize them, 10% had vague ideas of how they wanted to become but it wasn't clearly stated, other 87% were assuming things will be okay after graduating from school, 25years later 1973, they contacted all of them and without fail they had all broken into those segments, the 3% had accomplished 50-100% more than the 10% who had there Dreams but didn't write them down, the remaining 87% drift through life.

There is a need to know the A,B,C of Dreams;
A. Your Dreams must be ACHIEVABLE, that is it must be realistic.
B. Your Dreams must be BELIEVABLE, don't have Dreams that are so low that they don't even move you, rather conceive Dreams that will make Your blood run through your veins, dreams that will charge you, Don't conceive Dreams so large that it will scare You and discourage You.
C. Your Dreams must be CONCRETE, that is it must be a solid Dream.

Steps in Actualising ones Dream.

1. Set a Definite Dream, Nothing becomes Dynamic until it is Specific.
2. Set and Decide on a Deadline for Your Dream.
3. Develop a Plan to achieve the Dream.
4. Determine what you will give in exchange for your Dreams, You won't get Something for Nothing, Life responds to Value and not Status, What you get depends on what you Give out, it is the law of sowing and reaping, if you get Something for Nothing you are a Beggar.

Finally it is sacrosanct and imperative to note that every human Plan A fails as much as a mediocre, the difference is a Human Leader Plan B,C,D e.t.c until the Dreams and Goals are achieved, Life celebrates Success knowing fully well Failure is an Orphan but Success has Many Parents, if it is to Happen, it is up to us.

Ifemosu Michael Adewale is a Writer, Human Right Activist, Public Speaker, Founder and Convener Youth In Good Governance Initiative YIGGI.

Painful Exit: Prominent Nigerians We Lost This April

Onuora Nzekwu: Author of “Eze Goes to School”. He was 89 years old

Senator Isiaka Adeleke: first civilian governor Osun State; Senator representing Osun West in National Assembly. He was 62 years old
Olumide Bakre:

 A veteran actor and popular face on our screen for decades. He battled heart and lung related ailment for quite a while before his death in UCH Ibadan yesterday. He was 65 years old

Dapo Famakinwa:  The Director General of Development Agenda for Western Nigeria (DAWN) Dipo Famakinwa. He died on Friday morning. He was 51.

Professor Olu Akeushola; Provost, Micheal Otedola college Of Education, Epe

Ahmadu Chachangi: Chairman of Chanchangi Airlines. The Taraba-born, Kaduna-based billionaire died along Kaduna-Abuja road while on the way to a hospital in Abuja on Wednesday morning. He was 81.

May their souls rests in perfect peace!

Amosun, Akeredolu on Condolence Visit to Famakinwa's Family

Ogun State Governor, Senator Ibikunle Amosun and his Ondo State counterpart, Mr. Rotimi Akeredolu, on Monday, paid a condolence visit on the family of the late Director General of the Development Agenda for Western Nigeria, DAWN Commission, Mr. Dipo Famakinwa, in Lagos.

During the visit, the governors took turns to speak glowingly of the late Famakinwa describing him as someone who was hardworking and passionate about the development of the Southwest geopolitical zone of Nigeria.

Governor Amosun narrated how he received news of the death of Famakinwa with shock.
The Ogun State governor also spoke of how much the late DG of DAWN Commission would be missed by him and his other brother governors in the South west geopolitical zone.
Governor Amosun added that it was in the honour of the late Famakinwa that the governors of the Southwest decided to postpone a meeting earlier scheduled for Abeokuta, on Monday.
Governor Amosun commiserated with the wife and children left behind by the late Famakinwa.
The governors also signed the condolence register.

FG To Reward Whistle-blowers On Illegal Weapons – Presidency

The National Security Adviser, Maj-Gen. Babagana Munguno (rtd) has began work on a template for the discovery and recovery of illegal weapons through a reward system.

Malam Garba Shehu, the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, confirmed this development in a statement issued in Abuja on Sunday.

According to the presidential spokesman, the Office of National Security Adviser (ONSA) is adopting the whistle-blowing approach so as to eradicate mass shooting incidents and remove the harassment of law abiding citizens by holders of illegal weapons.

He said the proposed adoption of the whistle-blowing policy on illegal weapons by the Federal Government followed the success of the policy in the recovery of huge amount of questionable and stolen funds by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).
Shehu, therefore,said the presidency had started drawing up the rules of a whistle-blower mechanism to throw a spotlight on the regime of gun ownership and control as a bold move to prevent and eradicate illegal ownership of small arms and light weapons in the country.
He said that this would be a sort of searchlight on weapons ownership in the country, adding that the aim was to disarm communities especially those with proclivity to violence.

“In the last few days, we had discussed the efforts the administration is making to strengthen the whistle-blower mechanism in the Ministry of Finance, which to date has proved to be very effective in bringing the attention of the government to stolen assets and unexplained wealth.

“The ONSA initiative may be an independent line of inquiry or in active collaboration with what the government is doing in Finance. This will be a sort of searchlight on weapons ownership in the country.

“Whatever form or shape it takes, the administration wants to take a tough line to curtail the large number of illegal weapons in circulation used in intra and inter-communal conflicts,’’ he said.

Shehu disclosed that the ONSA had already inaugurated a committee saddled with the responsibility of the recovery of small arms and light weapons in the country.

The blowing policy, which has been approved by the Federal Executive Council (FEC) is meant to expose fraud and other related crimes in both the public and the private sectors.
The policy was devised by the Ministry of Finance aimed at encouraging anyone with information about a violation, misconduct or improper activity that impacts negatively on Nigerians and government to report it.

“If there is a voluntary return of stolen or concealed public funds or assets on the account of the information provided, the whistle blower may be entitled to anywhere between 2.5 per cent (minimum) and 5.0 per cent (maximum) of the total amount recovered,’’ Minister of finance Kemi Adeosun said.

The policy has recorded appreciable success as it has led to the discovery of billions of Naira in the last few months since it started.

Source: Vanguard

Lionel Messi Scores 500th Goal For Barcelona

Lionel Messi struck his 500th Barcelona goal with the last kick of the game to blow the La Liga title race wide open with a thrilling 3-2 win at Real Madrid on Sunday.

Messi had broken a three-year goalless drought against Madrid to cancel out Casemiro’s opener for Madrid in the first-half.

Ivan Rakitic’s stunning strike and a red card for Madrid captain Sergio Ramos for chopping down Messi 13 minutes from time put Barca on course for victory before James Rodriguez came off the bench to level four minutes from time.

However, fittingly, Messi had the final say with a brilliant finish deep into stoppage time to lift Barcelona’s hopes of a third straight La Liga title.

Fresh from dumping Bayern Munich out the Champions League in a 4-2 thriller after extra-time in midweek, Madrid had started confidently in another breathless encounter at the Bernabeu.

Cristiano Ronaldo had strong appeals for a penalty waived away inside two minutes after he appeared to have been clipped by Samuel Umtiti.

Barca grew slowly into the game and had their first big chance when Luis Suarez dragged wide Jordi Alba’s fine cut-back from the edge of the box 11 minutes in.

Shortly after Messi was left floored and bloodied after being caught by a stray elbow from Marcelo.

The Argentine was still down by Ronaldo drilled another fine effort towards goal that Marc-Andre ter Stegen did well to parry to safety.

Unsurprisingly given both Madrid’s potency and Barca’s inability to defend set-pieces, the opener arrived from a dead ball.

Marcelo picked up the loose ball from a corner and when Sergio Ramos volleyed his cross against the post, Casemiro was on hand to tap into an unguarded net.

The lead lasted just five minutes, though, as with a handkerchief still mopping the blood from his cheek, Messi danced past Dani Carvajal and Nacho to fire home his first goal against Madrid for three years.

Ter Stegen was called into action again to prevent Real immediately retaking the lead as he flew to his left to save from Luka Modric’s long-range effort.

However, Barca ended the half feeling hard done by when referee Alejandro Jose Hernandez didn’t show Casemiro a second yellow card for upending Messi as he led a promising counter-attack.

Madrid were rampant at the start of the second period, but were met with a wall of resistence in Ter Stegen.

The German dived low to his left to turn international teammate Toni Kroos’s effort behind before diverting Karim Benzema’s goalbound header to safety with his outstretched foot.

However, Keylor Navas was also busy at the other end as he came to Madrid’s rescue on three occasions.

Firstly, he got a foot to Paco Alcacer’s prodded effort before pulling off acrobatic saves to deny Gerard Pique and Suarez.

Ronaldo then missed a guilt-edged chance to put Madrid back in front as he somehow turned the ball over from point-blank range after unselfish play from Asensio.

There was nothing Navas could do to deny Barca 17 minutes from time when Rakitic took aim from 25 yards and drilled into the top corner.

The match seemed to have swung decisively in Barca’s favour four minutes later when Ramos scythed down Messi to be shown the 22nd red card of his career.

However, even with 10 men, Madrid rallied and levelled when substitute James Rodriguez swept home Marcelo’s cross four minutes from time.

There was still time for one huge twist in the title race, though, as Sergi Roberto’s lung-bursting run led a Barca counter-attack to feed Jordi Alba and his cross was smashed into the corner by Messi.


Unfulfilled Promises: Niger Delta Militants Threaten To Resume Attacks

Militant groups in the Niger Delta are threatening to resume attacks due to :of the Federal Government.

A statement issued by the militant groups said, “There is no more time; the Federal Government must act now and show seriousness and commitment to the plight of Niger Delta or we will be forced to resume attacks.

“We must make sure we liberate our people from the slavery of the Nigerian state. We believe that the Federal Government will not be surprised to see another crisis in the Niger Delta and they should not blame anyone if such happens.

“The Federal Government, under the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari, is not sincere in resolving the Niger Delta crisis.”

“We know very well that the visit of the Vice-President (then Acting President) to oil producing states was a big scam, camouflage, deceit and delay tactics by the Federal Government to achieve its normal daily crude oil production.

“We want to state here clearly that we are tired of all unfulfilled promises; we are tired of developing Niger Delta in the media, we are tired of the Vice-President’s unending meetings without follow-up actions,” they added.

The statement was authorised by leader of Niger Delta Watchdog, ‘General’ John Duku; ‘General’ Ekpo Ekpo of the Niger Delta Volunteers, ‘Commander’ Henry Etete of the Niger Delta People’s Fighters and ‘Commander’ Asuquo Henshaw of the Bakassi Freedom Fighters.

"Nigerians Did Not Elect You As A Friday President" — Fayose Tells Buhari

Nigerians did not elect you to function as “Friday President”, Fayose tells BuNigerians did not elect you to function as “Friday President”, Fayose tells Buhari

Ekiti State Governor, Mr Ayodele Fayose has said that Nigerians did not elect General Muhammadu Buhari to function as “Friday President”, adding that he (Buhari) was now acting more like a ceremonial and
part-time President.

The governor, who said he was glad that his constructive criticism was getting to the President and his handlers, noted that it was not enough for the President of a country like Nigeria to be seen in public only while attending Friday Jumat service at the Presidential Villa, videos of his activities should be made public too.

Speaking on Sunday, through his Special Assistant on Public Communications and New Media, Lere Olayinka, the governor said it was necessary for Nigerians to be properly informed about the well-being of their president.

He accused some close allies of the President of deliberately shielding him and preventing him from attending to his health so as to continue to run the government on the basis of “Mr President has directed” even when the President did not direct anything.

“That’s why Nigerians are told every day that the President said this and that with the President neither speaking directly nor attending any official function. This is not good for the image of a country like Nigeria that is struggling to get out of economic recession,” the governor said.

Governor Fayose, who said by virtue of the his old age, the President could be susceptible to illness, advised that “President Buhari should rather be allowed to take proper care of his health while the Vice
President, Prof Yemi Osinbajo acts constitutionally as the president.

“However, it is doubtful if those cabals that are obviously running their own Presidency within President Buhari’s Presidency will allow him to take a long vacation, probably outside Nigeria to take care of himself.”

The governor insisted that Nigerians must hear the voice of their President and see him physically, not through surrogates or the cabal operating behind the scene.

“It is only when the President is seen and heard physically that Nigerians will believe that they are not being ruled by a part-time and ceremonial president, whose powers are being exercised on his behalf by some cabal,” he said.

Ekiti State Governor, Mr Ayodele Fayose has said that Nigerians did not elect General Muhammadu Buhari to function as “Friday President”, adding that he (Buhari) was now acting more like a ceremonial and part-time President.

Kaduna Residents Troop Out To Buy Rice And Its Price Cut Off To N11,000 (Photos)

A Non-governmental organization, Sudais Foundation has started selling a bag of rice at the rate of N11,000 in Kaduna as against the market price of N17,000.

Hundreds of people gathered at Gamagira road by Kasuwan bacci round about to buy the rice.

In an encounter with, one Abdulwasiu said: "the selling of the rice at cheaper rate started last Monday by a business man under his foundation called Sudais foundation but by Tuesday last week, business men heard about him and reported him to police for selling the rice below market price.

“The man was arrested by the police, people followed him to the police station and after 3 days, the police released him and the selling of the rice continues."

See Photos Below

Former PDP Social Media Director, Prince Deji Adeyanju Arrested

Prince Deji Adeyanju, the former New Media Director to the Peoples Democratic Party, has been reportedly arrested by men of the Nigeria Police after being invited

Adeyanju, an opposition figure was arrested at the Unity Fountain with another leader of the movement, Brian Jonah Dennis in Abuja on Friday while leading a protest against the Nigerian government.

Reason for his arrest could not be ascertained at the time of filing this report but Mr. Adeyanju has been championing the #NoToSecretTrial for Nnamdi Kanu on social media.

As the protest began this Morning, Adeyanju in a series of Tweets, claimed that all entrances to the Unity Fountain were barricaded by men of the Nigeria Police before he was whisked away by the officers.

Where Is Buhari, All We Hear Is Buhari Said This, Buhari Said That — Fayose Questions Presidency

President Muhammadu Buhari’s absence from state functions in recent days, especially the weekly Federal Executive Council (FEC) meetings, has been questioned by Governor Ayo Fayose, who is asking whether or not the president was now governing the country by proxy.

Fayose said; “Every day, what we hear is President said this, President said that without seeing the President in any official function and one is prompted to ask; where is the president?”

In a press release issued by the Governor's Special Assistant on Public Communications and New Media, Lere Olayinka, Fayose said it was becoming obvious that a group of cabal is exercising the powers of the President.

"I saw the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), Mr Babachir Lawal on television responding to his suspension and what came to my mind was that there could actually be many presidents operating in the Buhari’s presidency.

“Perhaps, it is for this reason of possible existence of governments within the government of Buhari that confusion pervades the polity, with the President himself writing letter to the Senate to clear someone of wrongdoing and the same person being suspended three months after on the basis of the same allegation. It is also for this reason that the President nominated Ibrahim Magu to the Senate for confirmation as EFCC Chairman and the DSS, an agency under the Presidency wrote the Senate not to confirm him.

“Most importantly, the President did not attend the FEC meeting last week and the meeting did not hold this week under the flimsy excuse that Easter Break stalled it. How could Easter Break that ended on Monday be responsible for the inability to hold FEC meeting on Wednesday? Definitely, there is more to this than meets the eye.

“It has therefore become necessary that Nigerians hear the voice of their President and see him physically, not through surrogates or the cabal operating behind the scene,” the governor said.

Speaking further, Governor Fayose, who described a President as the face and image of a nation, urged President Buhari to hold regular media chat in which Nigerians can ask questions and offer suggestions on the running of the country.

“Since his first and only media chat was held in December 2015, Nigerians have not had opportunity of seeing their President address them directly and this is not the best approach to governance in a democracy,” he said.

Popular Music Producer, Samklef Begs Buhari To Resign


Popular Nigerian Music Producer, Samklef has begged President Muhammadu Buhari to resign.

Samklef made the plea via Twitter. He wrote, "My opinion! I think President Buhari needs to suspend himself and resign to save us all."

Wanted Pastor Who Slept With 30 Members, Arrested (Video)

The Wanted South Africa based Nigerian Pastor, Tim Omotoso, who was accused of sleeping with over 30 female members have been arrested. The Pastor who went into hiding after South African Broadcasting Corporation 3 (SABC3), reported that the police had received several petitions that Pastor Omotosho, the General Overseer of Jesus Dominion International based in Durban, was arrested and paraded round an airport where people gathered to cheer the police.
It was gathered, that he had been abusing young girls at his Umhlanga home, and 
when a warrant was issued for his arrest, he reportedly skipped and has been in hiding. It was also alleged that all three cell phones linked to him was deactivated.

Watch video Below

One More video Below 

Osinbajo Not Qualified To Probe SGF Lawal – NLC

According to reports, the Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, has commended President Muhammadu Buhari for suspending Secretary to the Government of the Federation, SGF, Mr. David Babachir Lawal and Director-General of National Intelligence Agency, NIA, Ambassador Ayo Oke.
This came as Senior Staff Association of Nigerian Universities, SSANU, yesterday, urged the President to purge his cabinet of corrupt elements, saying “a lot of them have one mess or the other.”
Reacting to the suspension of the SGF and the D-G, NIA, General Secretary of the NLC, Dr. Peter Ozo-Eson, wondered why the Vice President should be the person to investigate criminal allegations against the SGF.
He said: “Well, we think that it is something that is positive. There are those who will say that it has taken long, particularly the issue of the SGF. Well, government has now decided to suspend them and investigation is going on, it is fine.
“But what we don’t understand is how an administrative committee, chaired by the Vice President, will be investigating what is an alleged criminal offence. However, whatever processes they have chosen to adopt, what is important is that they need to bring the facts before the nation.
“We need to know that there are no sacred cows and at the end of the day, we hope that justice will be done and citizens will be able to attest that justice has been done.”
On whether the president should extend the action to other political office holders having corruption allegations against them, Ozo-Eson said the normal practice was that people with established corruption cases against them should step aside.
He said: “Once there are allegations of corruption and there are prima facie cases established while such investigation is going on, the normal practice is that people step aside, or are suspended or they remove themselves from the process.”
Also reacting to the suspension, National President of SSANU, Comrade Samson Chijioke Ugwoke, said: “Should Buhari be serious with his anti-graft campaign, the Presidency should not be investigating the SGF and others.
“If somebody in the Presidency is accused of corruption, the usual anti-corruption agencies that investigate other ones, should also investigate the SGF. The Presidency should not investigate Presidency, nobody should be a judge in his own case.”

30 Manchester United Fans Electrocuted & Died After High Tension Wire Fell On Viewing Centre In Calabar (Photos)

Tragedy struck at a viewing center in Calabar, as it was gathered that almost 30 people are dead as a result of the high tension cable that fell on the viewing centre made cf zinc, during the UEFA Europa League quarter-final match between Manchester United and Anderlecht on satellite television.

The match however, ended in favour of Manchester United, who won the match on a 3-2 aggregate, with Marcus Rashford netting the winner in the 107th minute.
Channels Television correspondent in Calabar reported that the live electricity cable broke from its mooring and fell on the viewers.

Solomon Adeola Yayi & Segun Adewale Aeroland Take Political Fight To New Height

Senator Solomon Adeola widely known as “Yayi” and his bitter opponent Segun Adewale popularly address as “Aeroland” have taken political rivalry to new heights. After deep seethed fights in Lagos for political positions, the duo have headed to individual states to become governors.

Yayi as the Solomon Olamilekan is fondly called is seeking to become governor Ogun state. He is widely labelled the most visible contender for the post at press time.

Aeroland has also signified interest to become the governor of Ekiti state.

These developments come on the heels of years of political rivalry in Lagos West that saw Yayi triumph over Aeroland in three general elections for position in House of Representatives and Senate.

‘’their rivalry is peculiar, they always vie for same position…and now they have given it new meaning with this latest twist’’ a source pointed out. ‘’it’s an ego thing..pure ego issue, one would rather not occupy any position than take what he feels is beneath that of his opponent is what i see playing out’’ observed another source.

Observers are however keen to see how the latest chapter of their rivalry play out as they seek to conquer new terrains in battle to be seen as the ‘’better’’ man.

Tears As Murdered Man, Wife And Son Laid To Rest

Tears ensued yesterday at Ibeshe, titun, ikorodu Lagos as three family members who were murdered by some assassin were laid to rest.

The late couple, Mr. Lucky Ebhodaghe and Mrs. Margaret Ebhodaghe, and their son, Jonathan, were buried in their house around 12pm amid tears.

Residents and members of the Deeper Life Bible Church, where the husband was a member of the prayer team and the wife, a worker in the ushering section, could not hide their grief.

Recall that 15-year-old Jonathan, the only child of the family, was participating in the ongoing West African Secondary School Certificate Examination when the incident happened.

It was reported that the assailants tore the window net and cut some burglar-proof bars to gain access into the house late Monday night.

The suspects were said to have inflicted machete cuts on the family members, leaving them for dead.

Their neighbours were not aware of the incident until the next day, when Jonathan’s friends and a teacher visited the house to know why he was not in school for his exams.

The visitors reportedly met the house locked and peeped through the window, from where they saw the victims in a pool of blood.

The wife, Margaret was alleged to have been r*ped by the assailants before she was killed.

According to Punch, some residents who identified the killers as members of the Badoo cult, said the gang had killed many other residents in a similar way.